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JULY 21, 2024    

How to list an instrument on Maestronet

While not dealers ourselves, it is our belief that the purchase and sale of fine instruments is best handled by dealers dedicated to the business. Dealers and their employees provide restoration services, certificates of authenticity, pricing determination and sales negotiation. As such, they are key to the efficient purchase and sale of fine instruments. If you would like your instrument listed on these pages you have two options.

  1. List through one of our participating dealers. Click Here for a list of participating dealers worldwide. If you already work with a dealer that is not a member, tell them about this service and we will be happy to have them join. Dealer commission rates for the sale of instruments vary, and are not set by Maestronet.
  2. List your instrument privately. We do not charge for the listing. The listing will remain active for a maximum of six months from the date of posting. You can upload details of the instrument plus additional photos. We strongly recommend the use of an escrow service in this kind of transaction. A selection of available escrow services is listed on Yahoo.

Maestronet displays instrument information and pictures on behalf of participating dealers and private individuals who are solely responsible for their content.

Maestronet is not responsible, nor does it warrant the accuracy of the information provided.

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