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JULY 21, 2024    

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Amati Auction
Amati has an auction closing tomorrow and Thursday. Click Here to see the lots available.
May 29, 2018

West Country Violins
Click Here to Visit Their Site
Aug 8, 2007

Snow Violins
Click Here to Visit Their Site

Stolen Instrument Notice

Oct 23, 2006

Stolen Instrument Notice

Oct 13, 2006

Wrona's House of Violins
Welcome to Wrona's House of Violins located in Lewiston, New York.
Jan 10, 2005

Upgrade Complete
We have completed the upgrades to our Discussion Forums server. We have also installed the latest version of the discussion board software. We hope you enjoy the new features as well as the increased speed and reliability.

Stolen Instrument Notice
An extremely fine P,G. Rogeri along with 5 bows was stolen on our about June 1, 2003 from a private home in Yonkers New York.
Jun 9, 2003

Great article from the book 'Liuteri and Sonadori, Venice 1750 -1870' written by Stefano Pio.
Feb 10, 2003

CodaBow Awards Tow Aspire Bows on Behalf of Maestronet Winners
Jun 21, 2002

Peter and Wendela Moes
Maestronet welcomes Peter and Wendela Moes to our growing list of Makers and Dealers worldwide.
May 31, 2002

Stolen Instrument Notice
A Sactus Seraphin violin dated 1749 was stolen from the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA on April 22, 2002. Click Here for details and photos.
Apr 29, 2002

Stolen Instrument Notice

Apr 18, 2002

Over $2,000 in prizes tobe won. Just joinour growing community in the Disscussion Area. Click here to register for the draw.
Mar 7, 2002

Arthur Robinson
Arthur Robinson becomes our first violin maker from Austraila. Drop by and check our his site 'down under'.
Nov 21, 2001

Stradivari of the Marches
Enjoy this informative article on the "Stradivari of the Marches"
Oct 17, 2001

Jiang Violines
Jiang Violins becomes Maestronet's third member form China
Aug 31, 2001

Music City
Music City Strings of Rockport MA. Joins Maestronet
Jul 10, 2001

The First Annual Maestronet Reunion was a great success. WE look forward to future gatherings perhaps in other areas of the country. Thanyou HKV for your work inorganising this event.
Jun 25, 2001

Christophe Landon
Acclaimed New York luthier Christophe Landon has joined the growing list of Maestronet dealers worldwide
May 8, 2001

Audio: Mr. Fan Tao
Listen to our conversation with Mr. Fan Tao, head of research & development with J. D'Addario & Co.
Apr 10, 2001

New Forum
We have added a new forum called Music Happenings
Apr 9, 2001

School of Music
School of Music in Cambridge, MA on April 22, 2002. Click Here for details and photos.

Tim Ingles is head of Fine Musical Instruments for Sothebys
Feb 16, 2001

Raffaello Di Biagio
Maestronet Welcomes Raffaello Di Biagio
Feb 8, 2001

Sofia String Instruments
Individually hand crafted instruments..
Nov 1, 2000

New Auction House
Maestronet welcomes a new auction house to the web site.
Jul 14, 2000

"...The foremost merit of my instruments is that they reflect, both in sound and appearance, a thoughtful and personal interpretation of the lessons of craft, art, and scienceā€¦
Apr 1, 2000

Bass Bar
"The bass bar, like the heart, may play a vital role, some of it mysterious; but it is not the source of all strength, nor the cause of all trouble."
Apr 1, 2000

A wonderfully written and informative article, originally published in Strings Magazine, on the sound post.
Oct 1, 1999

Strings Magazine
A series of articles originally running in Strings Magazine that take a look at the antique instrument market from a different perspective -- that of the performing musician.
Oct 1, 1999

Frederic Phelps
Founded in 1895, Frederick Phelps Ltd. has been involved with making and restoring musical instruments for over one hundred years
Oct 1, 1999

Bacelar String Instruments Inc
Maestronet is pleased to welcome Bacelar String Instruments Inc. It is a full service shop in central New Jersey
Oct 1, 1999

Thomas Metzler Violin Shop
Greetings to the Thomas Metzler Violin Shop.
May 10, 1999

Lee Guthrie
Maestronet is pleased to welcome bow maker Lee Guthrie to our list of modern makers and dealers.
May 8, 1999

David Rubio
Maestronet is pleased to welcome David Rubio to our list of modern makers and dealers.
Apr 1, 1999

Laurence Anderson
Welcome to Laurence Anderson, the latest edition to our growing list of modern makers and dealers.
Apr 1, 1999

Port's Music
Welcome to Port's Music, Tampa Bay's only full service string shop.
Mar 12, 1999

Robert M Childs
Maestronet is pleased to welcome Robert M. Childs to our association of modern makers and dealers.
Feb 17, 1999

Stolen Instrument Notice
An Arthur E. Smith viola and case were stolen from a locker in the Tawes Fine Arts Building, at the University of Maryland on August 28, 1998. Full details on this and other missing instruments can be found in our stolen instruments registry.
Jan 5, 1999

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