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Maestronet News Archives

  • A. Pryce Stringed Instruments, London, England
    December 7, 1998

    Nick and Alison Pryce have been stringed instrument dealers and restorers of Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses since 1975 and we are pleased to welcome them to our growing list of dealers.

  • Stolen Instruments Notice
    November 20, 1998

    Two unrelated Testore's were stolen recently. The first, a Carlo Guiseppe Testore was stolen in Vienna, Austria on August 13, 1998 and a reward is offered for its recovery.  Secondly, a Carlo Antonio Testore was stolen in North Carolina on November 8, 1998. Full details are available at the corresponding link and both instruments are included in our full listing of Stolen Violins and Violas.
  • Shanghai Tian Yin Violin Making Co., Ltd
    November 3, 1998
    We are pleased to introduce Shanghai Tian Yin Violin Making Co., our first maker from China. They specialize in student grade instruments and bows shipped world wide via UPS.
  • Caring for your instrument
    October 13, 1998

    James McKean, noted maker and author, has released a new article entitled CARING FOR YOUR INSTRUMENT AND BOW. You can review it, together with other articles, in our library.
  • Stolen Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi
    September 17, 1998
    A Carlo Landolfi was  stolen in Athens, Greece on Sept 4,1998. A $10,000 reward is offered for its safe return. Additional information can be found on this and other stolen instruments in our Stolen Instruments section.
  • Roland Huthmaker Bowed String Instruments August 31, 1998
    Greetings to Roland Huthmaker Bowed String Instruments, joining us from Atlanta, Georgia.  They are a family of professional musicians who have been offering their services and expertise to players for over 10 years.
  • Wilder & Davis Luthiers
    August 1, 1998
    Maestronet is pleased to welcome Wilder & Davis Luthiers,   one of Canada's leading repair shops and dealer of fine instruments and bows. Founded in 1991 in Montreal  Canada,  the workshop is renowned for its team of internationally trained violin and bow makers, offering instrument repairs and restoration of the highest quality.
  • Douglas Raguse,
    June 2, 1998
    We are pleased to welcome Douglas Raguse, a bow maker based in Michigan. Douglas has won numerous awards including gold medals from the Violin Society of America and the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers.
  • Sandra Wagstaff Violins Ltd.,
    May 13, 1998
    Joining us from Hong Kong is Sandra Wagstaff.   This is their tenth year in Hong Kong where they are celebrating "Ten Harmonious Years in Asia". They offer a wide selection of antique and modern string instruments and bows.
  • Roland Baumgartner,
    May 5, 1998

    We are pleased to welcome our first dealer from Switzerland, Roland Baumgartner. Based in Basel, they specialize in repairs, restorations and dealing, in stringed instruments and bows.
  • Stolen Lupot Violin,
    April 24, 1998

    On April 3, 1998 a Nicholas Lupot violin, Circa 1822, was stolen from the Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah. A $10,000 reward has been offered for its safe recovery. Full details, along with other listed instruments can be found in our stolen violins section.

  • G.,B.& J. Ray, Fine Violins,
    April 13, 1998

    From Wichita, Kansas, G.,B.& J. Ray Fine Violins is our most recent member dealer. With an emphasis on instruments priced below $5,000, their violin collection is well suited to advanced students.
  • Brian Lisus Violins,
    March 1, 1998

    Greetings to Brian Lisus the first luthier based in South Africa to highlight their work on Maestronet. Brian has been making string instruments professionally for 17 years.
  • Joseph F. Conrad II, Luthier,
    February 11, 1998
    Welcome to Joseph Conrad a violin, viola and cello maker based in Warren, New Jersey. See what his customers are saying about his instruments.
  • Studio City Music, Inc.
    February 8, 1998
    Started in 1950, and now in its second generation, Studio City Music is a full service dealer based in California, and the newest shop on Maestronet. Watch our instruments for sale  next week for a selection of their instruments.
  • Givens Violins
    February 6, 1998
    Claire Givens Violins Inc. joins us from Minneapolis, Minnesota where they have been serving the needs of string players for over 20 years.
  • Schulte Thoene GmbH
    January 26, 1998

    Welcome to Schulte Thoene GmbH, a German dealer of fine string instruments. They offer their instruments for review in a unique pastoral farm setting.
  • CodaBow International
    January 22, 1998

    We are pleased to introduce  CodaBow, a modern bow maker with a twist. Using modern composite materials they are producing bows that rival traditional bows many times their price.
  • Stolen Instrument Report
    December 30, 1997

    A very unique viola was stolen recently in the Charlotte, North Carolina region. A full description of the instrument and a picture is available in our Stolen Violins & Violas section.
  • New sheet music releases
    December 18, 1997

    Liebesleid, by Fritz Kreisler is now available in our advanced violin section, and 3 new selections have been added to our Junior orchestra section; La Caccia by A. Vivaldi, Rigaudon by Andre Campra and La Donna e Mobile by Giuseppe Verdi.
  • Stevens Violin Shop
    November 3, 1997

    Welcome to the Stevens Violin Shop, the second dealer in California to highlight their shop on Maestronet. They offer a full range of instruments and services, including rentals and electric violins and pickups.
  • S. & E. M. Turner Violins
    November 1, 1997

    Maestronet is pleased to welcome Turner Violins of Nottingham, England, as the newest dealer to showcase their shop on Maestronet. They have a wide selection of instruments available for review in their practice rooms, and their bass room is one of the best we've seen.
  • Christie's
    October 1, 1997

    Christies Musical Instruments Department, our newest auction house, would like you to consider an auction when pursuing your next instrument. Their next auction is November 19, 1997 and includes among others, a J.B. Guadagnini, Amati, Goffriller, Degani, and Garimberti. 
  • J. & A. Beare Ltd.
    August 26, 1997

    Maestronet is pleased to welcome the world renowned J. & A. Beare Ltd. of London, England, as the newest dealer to showcase their shop on Maestronet. They have a history that goes back to 1865, and the current director, Charles Beare, is one of the world's great authorities on stringed instruments. 
  • New Sheet Music releases
    June 18, 1997

    Piano Level 7 is now available. This book covers 10 traditional classics on 23 pages and comes with matching performance MIDI files. Also new is Fritz Kreisler's Tempo di Minuetto, in the Advanced Violin section. Our edition comes with the piano accompaniment sheet music and a performance MIDI file of the piano section.
  • Stolen Instruments Notice
    June 6, 1997

    A group of instruments and bows stolen in Toronto, Canada on November 10, 1996 have been added to our stolen instrument registry. The most significant item was a 1776 Paulus Castello violin.
  • Welcome to Casa Del Sol Violins
    May 27, 1997
    Casa Del Sol Violins is the newest addition to our growing group of member dealers. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana they are a full service luthier specializing in sales and restoration of violins, violas, and cellos. They have listed over 40 instruments available for sale that can be reviewed as a group, or as part of our full database of instruments available for sale.
  • Welcome to Music City Strings
    February 22, 1997

    Music City Strings joins us from Nashville, Tenneseee. They are a mail-order supply company offering quality strings and accessories, cases, music stands, as well as bows and instruments of integrity. Their full catalogue is available online for your review.
  • Welcome to Ifshin Violins
    January 28, 1997

    Ifshin Violins of San Francisco, are now highlighting their shop here on Maestronet. They are a large dealership, offering a full line of services including, sales, rentals, appraisals and restoration. Their inventory covers the needs of professionals as well as students, so if you are in the San Francisco Bay area, they invite you to stop by for a visit.
  • Stolen Instruments Notice
    On December 24, 1996 a large group of instruments was stolen from the Brobst Violin Shop in Alexandria, Virginia. A full listing of these instruments is now available in our stolen instruments section. Those in the industry, as well as private collectors are invited to review the list and contact the Brobst shop if they have any information about any of the instruments.
  • Choral Section Now Open and Piano Level 6 now available
    November 23, 1996

    We have just opened our choral section with 7 Christmas selections currently available. These pieces are offered under our unique site license and can be downloaded now. As always samples are available for you to try.
    Piano Level 6 is also now available. This book covers a number of playing styles including traditional classics as well as a blues and rag tune. The 14 pieces in this book cover 30 pages and come with matching performance MIDI files.

  • It's not to early to think about Christmas
    November 6, 1996

    Check out our two new Christmas books. The first is designed for early piano and keyboard players and includes the sheet music, lyrics, and guitar chords for 24 Christmas favourites along with matching orchestrated MIDI files. For intermediate and senior players we have a Jazz style piano book. Both these books are in the Christmas Piano section along with our Christmas Melodies book for intermediate players. As always samples from the books are ready for download, along with matching MIDI files. If you are new to the site, please review our instruction page before downloading our sheet music.
  • Mozart Concerto No. 1 now available
    November 3, 1996

    The first sheet music from our Advanced Violin Section is now ready for download. This Mozart violin concerto is newly edited by Jose-Luis Garcia and includes a new orchestra reduction for piano. This edition is one of only three we are aware of in current publication. A seven page sample is available for download. If you are new to the site, please review our instruction page before downloading our sheet music.
  • Welcome to Bonhams Auctioneers & Valuers
    October 5, 1996
    Bonhams is the most recent world class auction house, to showcase their musical instruments division on Maestronet. Their next musical instruments auction will be held on November 20, 1996 and we will be featuring two of the more significant instruments in our Showroom over the next few weeks.



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