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Violinist Magazine

     These articles are just a selection of what is available, more will be added when our search engine is available. In the mean time, browse the listing and enjoy some of the period writings (most of these articles are from the early 1900's). You will need Adobe Acrobat to view and print these files. The first six characters of the file name indicate the date of the article by year and month using the pattern YYYYMM. The majority of these files are text only, with a file size in most cases of less than 10K.

Selected Articles from Violinist Magazine
Published from the early 1900's to the mid 1960's

Filename Description
19160702.pdf John Phillip Sousa on Theatre Orchestras
19160703.pdf Tasking Care of the Fingerboard
19250601.pdf The Instruments of Handels Orchestra
19250603.pdf The Rudolph Kreutzer Staccato Etude No. 4 as a "Tone Study"
19250607.pdf Hints on Band Organization
19250801.pdf A short biography of Nicolo Paganini 1782 - 1840
19250802.pdf Ernesto Camilo Sivori 1815 - 1895
19250803.pdf The Teaching of Music Appreciaton
19250807.pdf Studio Observations of the Pupil Yehudi Menuhin
19250811.pdf Faster Speed in Old Music Today
192608ad.pdf Image of 1926 advertisement for The Rudolph Wurlitzer Co. showing prices for selected instruments
19270301.pdf A Tribute to the Memory of Ignaz Lutz and a Few Passing Remarks about his work.
19270302.pdf Comments on Yehudi Menuhin and his teacher Louis Persinger
19270303.pdf Violinist Reflections - Masters, old and new
19270305.pdf Vioin and Cello Bridges
19281101.pdf The Evolution of the Viola
19281103.pdf Vilin Construction: The Top, BassBar, and Soundpost
19281106.pdf The Birth of the Violin: Comments on Andrea Amati
19281204.pdf More on the Top, Bassbar, and Soundpost
19281205.pdf Comments on a Paganini Performance
19281206.pdf The "Spring" of the Bow
19301101.pdf Paganini's life, times, and work



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