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  2. I'm not going rummaging for the topic right now, but yup, we've discussed this before. IIRC, scroll wear and bridge foot hollows can be due to holster cases, but some similar scroll wear patterns can be caused by resting them against a table.
  3. Very nice harps they make. I wish we had some of them around here. Any of them want to take flight as snowbirds?
  4. Rue

    What now?

    Local Woodworkers Guild show. There are some awesome craftsmen/artists!
  5. Those harps are lovely. Where and what are they?
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  7. You’re still thinking visually. Tactile feedback is more important. The violin is not as ergonomic as cello but it is possible, even easy, to get used to the required motions. But we shouldn’t monitor them visually. “How does it feel/sound.” theres a video of Starker watching a girl play the Hungarian Rhapsody, a silly bit of virtuosic fluff by Popper. The first thing he says when she finishes is,”you’re holding your bow wrong” he doesn’t address it again, and goes on to other things, but nothing is more infuriating than someone saying, “you’re doing X wrong” for myriad reasons, not least of which is that maybe she’s NOT holding her bow wrong. you should have had some lessons with me. I’d switch you to cello and then problem solved! :-)
  8. Well - I started on the violin at 10 years (very old, I know ). I thought I had a good bow hold. When I started lessons again, as an adult, the first comment my first teacher made was essentially: "Your bow hold is no good." The first comment my 2nd teacher (a cellist FWIW) made was: "Your bow hold is no good". The first comment my 3rd (and current) teacher made was: "Your bow hold is no good". Well - I've applied myself to improving my bow hold - and while it's still not especially good, I can change around as needed and it's no longer holding me back. It would have been a lot easier if it was correct from Day 1. A picture - along with a concrete - but concise! explanation - would have helped.
  9. Much better in Latin when it is an official apology. Something along the lines of "Mea culpa. Ego sincere et seq." or something to that effect.
  10. The pause at 3 seconds should of been from your earlier video post looking through the end pin hole, not the sound check from today - my bad. You may as well live with the results. It really isn't that bad of a sound. I see the average humidity where you are at is high all year round - might be like beating a busted drum trying to make the fiddle better.. Your bridge looks alright from here - maybe get someone to offer chamfering tips for possible tone enhancement.
  11. He saved a lot if he was, in truth, able to sell it locally for the same price.
  12. Here the measurement. I don't have device to measure humidity so not sure whats the reading. By the way this is just a cheap no more than USD250 violin so may be i should be happy & satisfy with the result ??
  13. ShaneR

    Selling All

    Hi BetC, I'm sorry to hear about your decline in health, and I hope you get well soon. I am just starting to learn to build violins. I'm in Statesville, NC and I own no violin making tools. I'd like to be able to drive to meet you to have a look and buy some or all of what you are offering. I have no interest in reselling. I would be using the tools to support my hobby. Thank you for your consideration.
  14. Why try to stop the very thing you put your hope and faith in?
  15. PhilipKT

    Swedish Violin

    Is he still alive?
  16. again, all by design, almost always the outcome of a central bank system is for it to shift to socialism/communism, then the killing starts. it is all based on psychological manipulation of the "group" in that under a debt based monetary system, at the start, it can be milk and honey, then in the middle , it starts to go south, then after awhile, things get bad, then thats when the beat down pay check to pay check population looks for a savior....the bail out....and soon after that the snake starts eating it's own tail.... the sad part is that with all this comes lots of death and senseless killing, but you are right, people just don't really care do they....they can't even take the time to learn whats happening to them, let alone do anything to stop it, they don't think, or know there is anything to stop.
  17. One thing that is undeniable is that the first interval humans sing is a minor third. Someone told me that long ago and I have always found it to be true. Sing “Nyah Nyah” minor third.
  18. The starting point is being relaxed. Everything else comes later. Any and every time one says to a student, “you must hold your bow like this,” you are literally making it impossible to relax, because a young student, in any field, will be stressing and straining to make sure his fingers are exactly as instructed. The very act of insisting on a certain thing renders impossible the most important first step. I teach cello and not violin, but the principle of relaxed approach above all else applies to each. Many times, when I am playing, I marvel at how little energy I am using to get a given sound, and it reinforces again how important it is to approach every aspect of playing from a starting point of extreme relaxation.
  19. Pallets in this part of the country are made from all sorts of local hardwoods, mostly oak, hickory, gum, and whatever else... the nails leave nice gnarly black stains, folks love to do rustic design stuff with the parts, a lot of work to break a bunch of em down. Pretty sure it would suck for violins. Most people don't seem to actually care what the government spends tax dollars on or what the central bank does as long as they believe $$ is going to the things they support... A lot or most, also seem to think that they, "government" are and have the solution to all of our problems.....
  20. Robb

    Swedish Violin

    I'm looking for more information on a Swedish violin maker named Carlo Hansen, Lindome, Sweden. I have found a limited amount of information on the internet but would like to learn more if possible. The violin in the photos is labeled and stamped in several areas with his name and is dated 1986. Thank you.
  21. To clear up some things; it does not matter where you live, unless it is Iran, Nk, and now maybe China,Russia. Your "monetary nexum system" is in full swing, the problem is "you" don't understand works. You want money, and may be good at garnering it after it has been made but know nothing about how it comes into existence. We could say that the world today exists as an obfuscation as to "just how all the works"... ONE OF THE BIGGEST HURDLES IN THIS IS PEOPLES "CHILDLIKE" UNDERSTANDING OF TAXATION. I say childlike because the necessary propaganda is instilled early on in childhood, sticks in the brain and becomes the "knowledge base" to which people base their ideology on......ok, so here it goes YOUR GOVERNMENTS DO NOT RUN LIKE A BUSINESS....THEY ARE NOT TAKING IN "PROFIT" {IE. TAX MONEY} AND THEN USING THAT TAX MONEY TO "GET" THE "STUFF" YOU social security, military, infrastructure...on and on WHAT IS HAPPENING IS; that in 1913, a criminal gang inserted itself in behind government as a "quasi" agency.... that 1. is privately owned 2. is for profit 3. their "product that they "create" IS MONEY...AND IT IS NOT "FREE" FOR YOU AND I, YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS think of it like this, the central bank inserts itself in, then all they need to do is BE THE SOURCE OF THE MONEY....THEY THEN ACT LIKE "VISA"....AND LOAN MONEY INTO EXISTENCE .... so, need some planes, trains or automobiles for war? who you gonna call? need some money to pay for old folks to have something to live on ? who you gonna call? let millions of illegal undocumented foreign travelers in and need to pay for all their stuff? who you gonna call, need to go bomb someone for 18 years? who's gonna pay for all those bombs, hey kids can't afford college, no problem ALL OF IT EVERYTHING ELSE IS PAID FOR WITH BORROWED MONEY.....UNCLE "VISA" THE FED/EU, IS MORE THAN WILLING TO PRINT UP ANYTHING YOU WANT AND ENSLAVE YOUR CHILDREN, THEIR CHILDREN....AND BASICALLY IF YOU ASSUME THE "DEBT" THEY HAVE LAID ON YOU....IT WILL TAKE ....FOREVER....TO PAY OFF TRILLIONS, FACTORING IN THAT UNLESS YOU CHANGE THE SYSTEM, YOU JUST KEEP GENERATING DEBT... YOUR "TAX" MONEY IS NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING....IT IS "SERVICING" THE INTEREST ON A LOAN' NOT EVEN TOUCHING THE PRINCIPLE AND CERTAINLY NOT GENERATING "INCOME" TO HAVE ANY RESERVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING....and everyday more debt is created....IN PERPETUITY you are all like an 18 yr old kid driving around in a financed car with really nice clothes on and a pinky ring, all paid for with credit and you actually FEEL rich, but really your broke....BUT, ONLY IF YOU ASSUME THE DEBT... the reason you do, is because you think it works some other way....that it runs like a business, takes in money and pays for stuff it needs, that the "government" "makes the money".....trump just raised the debt ceiling again recently, haha based on their calculations, you have spent 23 trillion dollars more than you have earned , THEY have written out over 600 trillion!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in IOU'S that "you" are on the hook for... these people own your government and your media and literally create your reality and narrative, and it is imperative THAT YOU understand this in the coming years.... again if you want to know why everything is the way it is, this is why if you are republican or democrat, you are just dumb and dumber.....the real power level is where the money is being created... THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND CENTRAL BANKING AND ITS ROLE IN THIS WORLD UNDERSTAND WHAT' THE "BIG DEAL" WITH TRUMP IS....he is either the best actor ever known working with the bankers, making it "look real" by allowing him to shoot them in the foot over and over, or he is the biggest threat they have faced EVER. I feel sorry for people who watch tv, particularly "news"...they are they types who allow the pocket watch to be swung back in forth in front if their eyes, not even realizing how brainwashed they are. and understand, yellow vest's, brexit, crypto and in general "nationalism vs globalism" is the issue....ALL ABOUT CENTRAL BANKING AND THE MONEY YOU USE THE GREATEST THREAT TO HUMANITY IS "THE MONEY" YOU ARE USING, NOT MONEY
  22. Something wasn’t right with this deal after all. I agreed to his new asking price of £8k woth the certificate but he ended up selling it to a “local “ dealer for that much and said it “needed work” whatever too late now...
  23. Pause the video at 3 seconds showing the upper left lobe. I think one problem is what appears to be overly thick belly wood hindering a better sound though the sound from your recent playing video really doesn't sound all the bad. You really can not do anything about the wood now. Can you show the top thickness of the bridge in a photo? Maybe we can thin the bridge some more with the help of a micrometer, chisel and knife. What about string heights for the E and G above the end of the fingerboard - how high are they? And finally, what is today's humidity reading where you live? Moisture saturated wood has a harder time producing good tone as compared to dry environment wood..
  24. Hello all. I'm a longtime lurker here, but I had to reply to this. My great-grandfather's fiddle, which I own, does have large, shaped mother-of-pearl pieces carefully inlaid on the back. Not the random bits of pearl set in a mosaic pattern as is commonly seen. I have a newspaper clipping from 1937 in which my great-grandfather said the fiddle had been in his possession for 62 years, meaning he would have acquired it around 1875. That seems about right. Although he died before I was born, I did know most of his 8 children, all of whom lived to be well into their eighties and nineties. The eldest of his children remembered their Papa playing this fiddle when they were kids in the 1880s. Over the years I have seen a few other fiddles with the same center inlay as mine (the late John Hartford had one), but none with the same upper and lower inlays as well as the double purfling. Yes, it's gaudy, but I love it!
  25. Maybe read the forum rules ...? Scroll through this forum to discuss upcoming instrument auctions, both on and off line. A great place to discuss current Ebay instrument listings. BUT NOT TO LIST INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE.
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