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  2. Brad, Is the button original? It looks big and clumsy to my eye.
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  4. To me it looks like a nice nickel-mounted German pernambuco bow.
  5. Yup, that one! That is often where I start on a customer's instrument. We are always mixing and matching strings for baroque applications.
  6. Welcome! Try to gather as much of the family history as well.
  7. You might be surprised at the total benefit if you revisit the cello from time to time. Just my experience.
  8. After perusing the photos.. I agree with Mystic as to the violins origin.. and also would like to say welcome to this forum. The fingerboard appears to have a bit of must have been played a fair amount at some point.
  9. Looking for some thoughts on this bow that came with a very nice fiddle. The bow seems to be a pretty well done pernambuco octagon stick and is a player. Not overly impressed with the frog and adjuster, maybe not original but they seem to fit and work properly but need some restoration. The tip plate looks to have been replaced at some point. Who ever made the stick seemed to know what he was doing. Can post some better pics if needed. Thanks.
  10. I have a set of Larsen Il Cannone strings on the violin. What is actually happening with the violin? Its only way up high on 3 notes, sounds almost like morse code and like another string sounding, but the other strings are not. Thanks!
  11. First thing I would try is a new and different e-string, even if the one on there is new.
  12. Looking good Dmitri. Definitely better than a typical #1 so far. I’m curious why you chose a viola instead of a violin for your first build. Are you a violist? -Jim
  13. Robb

    juzek peg shaver

    I have an older version of this shaver I bought years ago. I just recently purchased a new blade for it. Is the blade adjusted at an angle or is it parallel to the opening. I haven't looked at it for years so I'm not sure how to adjust it.
  14. That lining going into the block surprised even me. If I had posted his other woodworking projects and toys he's made before it would be easier for the rest of you to believe a kid did that (maybe?) but I'm still pretty surprised. I guess he's just around it all enough to pick it up. My husband shows Dmitri how to do something, then leaves the room (he stayed for the rib bending, but the kid did that too). Anyway, thanks for the interest and comments. He has liked hearing from folks. Count me among the watchers hoping this kiddo sticks with it through the harder steps. He seems to have some talent.
  15. I've had the reverse problem. I put a dab of vanilla extract on the bottom side of the chin rest to cover up the smell of its fresh varnish. A visiting soloist tried out my violin for me and said: "Well at least it smells good".
  16. I don't think she's imagining it; I think she has an over-sensitive sense of smell. I am also curious about removing odor, so I see this experience as an interesting experiment.
  17. Since learning of the stuff from Tommy Coleman, I'm clamping boards with surgical rubber tubing. That stuff can do anything!
  18. Hey Michael, hope you're well. Coronafiddle is looking great. I somehow missed this section of the discussion last time I took a spin through your bench thread. That's a very interesting color. A former teacher of mine used to treat his entire billets and got the wood looking a fair bit like this, but perhaps skewed a little redder/browner. He would never tell us what the trick was. All he would reveal is that he "soaked it in reverse osmosis filtered water in a large stainless steel tank". I suspected, from peripheral conversations, that he may have added wood ash to his water bath. Notably, the wood was consistent in color all the way through. I once split a billet of spruce he treated, and the color and texture of the wood were as homogeneous as wood ever is. I've seen people post here about ponding before and split billets to find untreated wood at the center, but this was not the case here.
  19. This is a violin I recently started playing on. One thing I noticed was that earlier in the day when it was warmer and more humid, the interference was more pronounced than in the evening. Does that point to something? Im going to have the violin checked out. It was recently worked on, seams closed and new setup made so everything should be good. The violin has an extraordinary voice too, so hope whatever this is can be remedied.
  20. Well...if it's the client's imagination...nothing will fix that... But I'm still curious about removing odour...
  21. Did it just start happening on a familiar violin, or is this a violin that you have not played before?
  22. He means orange haired Donnie. This guy:
  23. How do I get sunlight inside a violin? I know that someone suggested an UV wand, but I don't have one. I'm assuming that the problem is inside, because I gave the outside a good cleaning and polishing. Even the inside is pretty clean. It's not a moldy old violin; it's a clean mid-20th century one. I had the top off and I regraduated it, so most of the interior surfaces are newly exposed wood. Maybe the violin picked up an odor from the case I had it stored in for years. Neither my wife nor I could smell anything. The customer who doesn't like the smell admits that she has an over-sensitive nose. I think that's the real problem.
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