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  2. Don't tell me you worked on Explorer 1. You look very young for your age. Did you know von Braun? Lol
  3. I was wondering a similar thing. By virtue of being online, Maestronet is essentially a worldwide site, so quite how someone can decide that "all luthiers are too busy", or saying "good luck finding someone who would want to do it" seems both wrong, and also irresponsible. There are some posts here which do not portray shops or restorers fairly. There are a lot of businesses out there which will have been almost crippled by the covid situation, and may only be a few jobs away from having to close the doors for good. I'm sure they would be happy to take on a cello such as the OP's. While the cello under discussion would not make the principal of the Berlin Phil become overly excited, there is no real reason it cannot be restored. Depending on what needs doing, it may not be financially viable ultimately, but someone who can look at in person will be better placed to decide this, and say for themselves if they are busy or not.
  4. In California, if both parties agree to mediation, under court supervision, tbh, and then one party reneges, the aggrieved party may go to court to enforce the agreement.
  5. The big shops I've talked to are not doing well and wanting any work they can get, do you live in some country unaffected by Covid?
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  7. Daniel, I go by sound. I prefer older instruments to newer ones because they have been played a lot and are broken in. There are ugly violins that somehow sound good but also plenty of pretty instruments that sound good as well. But for me, sound is the key.
  8. Appropriately rare and expensive masks they're wearing too!
  9. I bought a 20s Roth, under the supervision of EH ROth for about $1000, couldn't in good conscience sell it for more than $2000, it just didn't sound that good, and the 50s Roths I've bought have been real duds, Had a 72 that was really good though, and a high end 20s one that was exceptional, but at full retail high end store prices, you're paying 50% for the label and the mystique of the company, equivalent quality non Roth violins can be had for half as much.
  10. From the limited photo view of the lower ribs it appears the margin has been lost and a rib is cracked. It may be a top off, block replacement and rib repair to that area. Bring smelling salts when you get an estimate.
  11. Just looking again, it looks like it also needs pegs too. I live in a high rent area, I would want to have better than 1K, closer to 2K in the bank before I bothered with a local shop. I agree that it should be rescued, but good luthier work isnt cheap, and many have a lot on their plate right now.
  12. Sometimes before I close the box I measure the inside arch of the back and top especially if it is a new model for a first approximation for the cutting the sound post angle. I have made a plastic gauge that allows me to easily measure the cross arch position for the sound post. Although not necessary this just gets me closer. I record both the top arch and bottom arch then I draw a tangent line at the appropriate point then measure the angle(s).
  13. There was life before the rover program. And jobs even before I started at JPL. I'm that old.
  14. 1920s Roths of the better grades can be excellent. I also think there's a wealth of great French violins, superior JTLs, Dieudonné, Charles Bailly, in fact a huge list.
  15. If you keep your moronic comments to yourself too
  16. You are being rude for no reason and should keep your nasty comments for yourself. Rick is just asking some simple questions, so let him be.
  17. Actually I think $10K price range is no man's land in the violin market. I would recommend that people get a good student instrument in the 2-3K range and play that until they can save up 20-25K. Then you start getting into a strong position for professional modern makers. With that said, most people who have good Roths seem pretty happy, even if they paid retail.
  18. Start a new thread and include copious photos
  19. Right! I never had interest in obtaining a Roth, until one came up on Craigslist. I didn't know much about the maker. I played on the instrument and thought that it was a fine sounding fiddle for $1,400. Then, I did my homework, spoke to the fine people at Roth, got their thumbs up on authenticity, spoke with my luthier and got his thumbs up, and bought it. To my violin's defense, once it was tuned up, new strings, new fittings, sound post adjustment, sounded fantastic! But if I had $10,ooo to burn, I would try and find me a violin made by (possibly someone here) a modern luthier. I have also seen and played on many, many, many fine and older violins in that price range. So no. I would not buy a Roth at retail. Sorry.
  20. Wow Don the Hubble mirror problem was quite a bugger. The tolerances are crazy. And I just thought you were a "rover guy".
  21. Maybe I am a fool for expecting a "Stradivarius 1700" to look in some way like a Stradivarius. I would be interested to know what EH Roth have to say about the serial number - a few clever people have access to these records, and even if the labelling and the serial number match up, do they actually belong in this violin?
  22. That's cool, sounds like the right decision then. I'm about 30 mins walk away from the shop.
  23. I have sent photos to Gary, he said he would repair it. I just decided against it, because I wasn't too tempted to go for this one after all. He did up my Mittenwald. I live 10 min by walk from bridgewood and Neitzert
  24. I know a very good luthier in East Finchley that I think is still taking on work if you wanted to persue the repair checkup option.
  25. In normal times you could have probably taken it to bridgewood and nietzert in Stoke Newington for an in person opinion / quotation of the work. You probably live close to me but alas my experience is really with guitar making and repair rather than violins, although I am trying to learn.
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