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  2. This is the best version of this piece ever recorded.
  3. No, you can do that with careful tapping and other preparation.
  4. With woodworking skills, a few luthier's tools, a much less organized eBay to explore, all MN to study, and wild abandon.
  5. I have this marking gauge, made by a craftsman in a small town in Quebec Province, where the screw slots are aligned. I confess that I never understood how that was possible because screws stop when they are fully seated, don’t they? Maybe they’re not really screws, but only pins made to look like screws.
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  7. if you stare at it all day it does drive you crazy, so the complainant has a point.
  8. Regarding screw head alignment, we do it as well so people won't complain about that too. However I believe that a screw should go in as far as it has to for optimum traction, not too much and not to little, and to heck with the slot alignment. The problem is it looks terrible!
  9. I'm putting together my list of things to buy to get set up to make a violin at home and having sticker shock before buying a single tool. Between the bending iron, mold and templates, various calipers, cradle, glue pot, and other odds and ends I'm pushing nearly $1000 already. I found some alternatives for the glue pot, but anyone have feedback on the quality of these items from Chinese dealers on eBay? Some are a lot cheaper. I don't want to skimp on the tools, but looking for some savings where I can.
  10. I can see some sense in "fat" as a metaphor for a violin's sound but I'm struggling with "damp"
  11. Isn't it called soldiering or clocking? It's used in fine woodworking. I was once in the washroom at work and noticed that the person fixing a wood duct cover was soldiering the screws. I complimented him on this and said how good it looked. He replied saying that he liked it to look good but the main benefit was that he could tell if someone else had been fiddling around with what was behind the duct.
  12. I began in 1997, but haven't started yet
  13. This is the book, Jan - Sarnell, Sverker - Dagnell, Jan
  14. I love this type of video. Endlessly entertaining! And...this is an add-on to another thread
  15. It’s like it was in a barn, like the wood in a barn how it is sort of soft.
  16. Why is it "damp"? Just because it sounds that way, or did someone accidentally leave it in a steam room? If it just normally sounds that way all the time, putting it in front of a fan won't make any difference, as it won't get any dryer.
  17. If I do that, would I need to take it away periodically since there is no heat, and would it take a really long time to dry it without heat or some kind of dehumidifier since it is quite damp throughout?
  18. Set it in front of a fan. Keep an eye on it, stop it for a bit then resume. Be careful of the sound post, probably loosen the strings a bit so the neck doesn't drop.
  19. Will do, but it is quite damp and it has varnish worn on the outside and when I tap it it isn’t crisp through and through but gives kind of a thud.
  20. Maybe fill it with rice? DLB
  21. I cannot comment on the cello, except that I hope the crack on the back has been repaired effectively. I did not see any cleats in your interior photographs, but I don’t think your endoscope went up that far. please remove that ghastly tape on the fingerboard. As a teacher, there is very little I detest more than fingertapes. Very many reasons to hate them and no defenses for them. the endpin probably wants replacing as well. It looks like one of those old, thin, short things of little benefit.
  22. When I posted my initial comment about APS, it was not to suggest that Nathan should take a particular course of action, it was merely to clarify that the situation as described would fall under the jurisdiction of APS - the fact that he was on crutches at the time is actually as significant as his age, as APS's guidelines extend not only to those over the age of 65, but any adult with a medical condition. That being said, I feel compelled to repeat that I don't presume to know what Nathan should or shouldn't do. I would, however, address the question of this being a "waste of resources". Someone who physically attacks anyone in front of two impressionable kids is absolutely, positively a problem that ought to be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law (CPS would actually be as appropriate a call in this case as APS). If the police in this situation failed to see that, I couldn't fault anyone for pursuing another legal remedy, particularly one that is paid for with their tax dollars.
  23. Hello Everyone, I have a violin that is too damp and sounds damp and fat. Does anyone know of a thorough way to dry it out like a normal violin without separating the seams which I did in a light box? Thanks in advance everyone.
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