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  2. 30 degrees on each side adds up to 60 degrees for the whole edge. Is that what you're doing (?), because if it is that's way too blunt. A knife like that should be beveled about 15 degrees per side, for a total of 30 degrees.
  3. Can you show a photo of a larger area?
  4. Hi Andrian - it looks like you are "rolling" the edge during sharpening. Try keep the edge angle constant all the way through the "lift off" stage of your swipe along the stones. An edge is the intersection of two flat planes. Luck edi
  5. Another group of makers that seems to have done this fairly consistantly were the early 20thc Boston makers (Bryant, Goss, Baltherson, Ganshirt et al) Sometimes their work could look very "italian" in the Antoniazzi school style, and one of the only ways I could tell them apart was the half saddle, if it hadn't been changed.
  6. Please show a photo of the complete knife.
  7. Hi Don - the mind works in funny ways while we are asleep. This morning , in that lovely, half awake, dozy moment before being fully "there", I was visualising a bass bar "comb" with various sized ball bearings glued to the tip of each vary-length "tooth". This then merged into a discussion with my other self on the merits of wolf-note suppression and the possibilities of castanet-like clacking while doing left hand pizzicato. I opened the I -net and you show this! Mmmm - maybe some serious thought on the l/d ratios of the various teeth, using same sized masses but made from various materials - lignum vitae to balsa - or depleted uranium to lithium. The possibilities, the possibilities - the mind boggles :-) I like your positioning/clamping add-on jigs - I like them "bigly". If you check out the top picture in my post you'll see an extra 0.5mm of thickening carved (uncarved?) into the plate for the SP. (It's just peeping out from behind the aluminium bar.) cheers edi
  8. So I got a bench grinder, some water stones (200, 1500, 8000), and an assortment of plastic angle guides to profile and sharpen a 12mm Pfeil knife that I'd like to use for cutting bridges but I haven't managed to get it sharp enough. In fact, when I say it's not sharp enough I actually mean it's dull: it won't cut paper without tearing it and will barely shave wood. I've watched several sharpening videos on YouTube, but try as I might I can't get the knife to cut properly. I've beveled the knife as close to 30 degrees on each side as I can manage but I don't know if my bevels are precise enough (they don't look all that clean to my eye). I've made sure to develop a burr as I sharpen each side, but even so the knife won't come out right. I have here a close-up pictures of the edge and one of its sides. Like I said the edge doesn't look very clean to me, but shouldn't it be at least a little bit sharp? It's kind of frustrating.
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  10. Reg, if you're around next week (e.g. Tuesday) could I come to your establishment and bring my Craske for comparison?
  11. What do you call protein? Caisean?
  12. Lyrics: Well the man's name is Sunshine And he come up from the town Said he bring a proposition For a man when he's down Gonna buy me an aeroplane Gonna teach me how to fly Gonna take me to America Gonna make Mama cry And when I hear that lonesome train whistle blow Then I know it's time for me to go I been round this cold hard town too long There's so many roads a man could go Roads that glisten in the night like diamonds Oh how I long to be Living the mystery Living the mystery Well the phone keep on ringin' But the man's never home Ain't nobody at this address.. Will you people move along!' Well I'm a sure fire addict For a world up in the stars Turn a new sod over C'est la vie, au revoir And when I hear that lonesome train whistle blow Then I know it's time for me to go I been round this cold hard town too long There's so many roads a man could go Roads that echo in the night, I hear them Calling to you and me to keep on Living the mystery, Living the mystery Well I'm a sure fire addict For a world up in the stars Turn a new sod over C'est la vie, au revoir C'est la vie, au revoir Living the mystery
  13. Whatever you do, don't deface labels or inscriptions!! Before you thoughtlessly attack the roach schmootz and air pollution with a toothbrush dipped in dish detergent, or whatever, remember that others will come after you. I'm currently (p.i.) trying to decipher a handwritten Kurrentschrift label where somebody pretty much effaced the half bearing the maker's name and town, doing something like that.
  14. If you are not already a member of the MVA and are interested to attend please pm or email me at Meeting begins at 12:30 and Antoine's presentation begins at 1:30. The meeting will be held at the Pittsfield branch of the Ann Arbor District Library at 2359 Oak Valley Drive, Ann Arbor Michigan.
  15. Nice article indeed. Thanks for pointing it. -Jim
  16. I wish we could sit somewhere and chat over coffee. i can’t contribute anything to the chat. But I will enthusiastically read what everybody else contributes.
  17. My mentor did this, and he was self taught; I imagine he must have seen it somewhere and adopted the idea.
  18. Where'd you get that paste from? It looks like it's made in Ukraine.
  19. Not Strad... Guarneri-like. And the ramp is long and steep, still climbing... maybe things will settle in by mid-2020.
  20. What kind of grunge are you talking about? Light dusting should be all that is needed unless you have to remove glue runs. If you need to glue studs or other reinforcement then cleaning the surface at those spots would be necessary.
  21. Aye. Just wanted to clarify a bit. Antoine is also a graduate of SLC is why I was thinking he might teach it. Were you guys taught both ways?
  22. Brian Derber states that he was taught it and shows how to do it in his violin making book/text. I no longer do it. I went to SLC and only have the Derber book as a reference regarding CSVM.
  23. Don Noon =jig master. No doubt a carryover from aerospace endeavors. With your CNBC and jigs, you must be ramping up for some 4th quarter Stradivari-like production!
  24. I hope those brass weights have holes in them! If not, they scare me a bit...
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