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  2. I ordered a heavy chrome violin practice mute from China and received instead a cello bridge. If you want to trade a heavy chrome violin practice mute for it, let me know.
  3. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    I've seen a number of Roger and Max Milliant instruments made from American Maple, Bigleaf, no less! In the Scarampella book Stefano's brother mentions, in a letter, that he would send him some wood that was the equal of what Strad used, if only he had more, and that it was from a place called America.
  4. French violin mislabeled

    That is a Georges Apparut. You might debate the price but not the description or the authenticity. For me the craquelure is an issue, but I have become a bit of a purist - some people might like that kind of thing.
  5. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    Tonewood is mostly local from the Alp-regions or Balkan mountains. Have never seen american tonewood offered here.
  6. Violin for ID

    Thank you very much Peter. It's been very helpful.
  7. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    Just curious...would the Netherlands, or other parts of Europe, import American wood for violin making? Not impossible, but I had never thought of it...
  8. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    The top piece is from China the bottom piece from Bavaria/Germany. The wood has not been split. Both are quartercut.
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  10. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    Both look OK. Are these American? I have made good violins out of just about every kind of spruce imaginable but would say THE most important factor is the split. 10 degrees off split would be unusable in my opinion.
  11. Player preferences in celli

    Some cellists I know like the Goffriller style cello, such as the one played by Janos Starker. It has standard upper and C bouts and a large lower bout. It combines a good upper register with a strong lower bass.
  12. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    The one w the tight rings on the inside (uppper) has an about 15 - 20% lower density. But I would find the final appearance rather obscure.
  13. What spruce would you rate better [pictures]

    I would want to know the density and the split. If they were both equal in density and close(say 10 degrees off split or less), I would take the lower one. I would not choose a piece of wood for a top based on appearance alone. I would take an ugly piece of wood that felt right and was split or closer to split than a beautiful, even grained piece that was heavy and close to being split.
  14. Is any of those two better than the other? Why? They both have straight rings. One has very tight rings at the inside and gets wider to the outside--is probably taken from a smaller tree. Also it has some slight variations in color. The other has medium tight rings all over, looks somewhat consistent--probably taken from a bigger tree. Color is uniformly pale and boring.
  15. Player preferences in celli

    Jim, My own experience is that while Strad cellos can be fantastic instruments it takes Strad to do them best. I have had more success with Guarneri family cello patterns. I would recommend a J. Filius Model with a 740 to 750 mm back length and arch heights of around 28-30 mm.
  16. Early Amati with three peg holes?

    No, the violin is the "ex-Charles IX", previously (and widely) thought built in 1566 (according to the label inside, with annotation by Lupot) and now categorized amongst the second series of instrument Amati provided to the Court of France four years later.
  17. Player preferences in celli

    Wasn't that developed by Bernhard Romberg?
  18. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    Slander and free speech? Not all forms of speech are protected. Here's something to help you out with the legal definition of slander, since you have asserted that "you're never too old to learn what words actually mean."
  19. At it again...

    Hard to pinpoint misrepresentation in the description. They only say its "labeled by" which is standard practice in the violin industry. Even major auction houses state what the label is, even though they know its false. They only thing I could come up with is the statement that its "old". By string instrument standards this doesn't look old, but the box could be 10 YO, which would be old if it were a car.
  20. Early Amati with three peg holes?

    Am I looking at the correct violin for referencing your topic?
  21. At it again...

    I always wonder how this is not fraud, knowingly misrepresenting something of a provenance that you know to be false? Or is eBay just 'buyer beware'? I have to say, that is how I approach eBay, and rarely buy anything off there, especially anything expensive, or from someone with an on-line presence only.
  22. Player preferences in celli

    I’ll use my son and some friends of mine to hopefully answer your question. Stadivari pattern seems to be the pattern of choice, at least where I am. A friend with a Montagnana seems to complain about the upper bout width and has never quite fallen in love with it and he’s 6’2”. Most seem to like the hill “step” fingerboard more than one without. Being 6 feet, maybe a Guarneri model might help for a bigger tone and the slight bout difference from a Strad wouldn’t be too awkward? Strad pattern would be my vote.
  23. Richmond Virginia Violinmaker

    I'm new here, and although it has been a long while since this original post, I'm glad I can actually be of some assistance! I live in central VA, and started playing in 1989 when I was 9. In 1994, my mother found a beat up, broken down violin in the Trading Post for $75. It was in such bad shape, she talked it down to $60. There were several popped seams, 4 cracks running from each top and bottom f-hole, a crack running down the entire back center, the neck was loose from the body, fingerboard loose from that. It was falling apart in the case! We took it to Mr. John Larrimore in Richmond, VA. He just shook his head when he heard our purchase price, then said "Congratulations, you only paid $60 for this beautiful E.H. Roth made in Germany, I'll only charge $150 to fix and restore it, and it'll be worth around $6000 when I'm done". After about a week, I didn't recognize my violin. It had gone from shambles to a solid, crack-free, piece of art. Her sound was second-to-none, so warm and inviting. You could never tell it was in such bad shape, John's art spoke volumes. She played so many stages over the years, only getting better with time. I have Mr. Larrimore to thank for that. I am honored and humbled that I was able to create beautiful music and enjoy my art through his amazing craftsmanship. This picture was taken in 1995, only one year after he restored her. Sadly, he has retired. You can find a former classical apprentice of his that is also now renowned for his work, Tim Donley of Donley Violins in Southwest VA.
  24. Player preferences in celli

    Recuperating from an injury I have limited time at the bench and waaay to much time thinking. One of my thoughts is that my cumulative injuries, arthritis, etc., plus the ones coming down the road (why would I stop now) will eventually force me to stop playing violin. Which leads me to thinking about celli. If I make the switch to playing cello it will likely be a few years off, and I would start off by making one. Unlikely that I'd be able to sell my first attempt anyway, so I might as well build it for myself. Back to the title. What do players want in a cello and why? I've looked at a lot of pictures and I definitely have some aesthetic preferences, but choosing a model by picture alone doesn't make a lot of sense. I'm 6', does that put me into a preferred body length range? From a maker point of view, what size/model celli are players looking for? Thanks, Jim
  25. G A Pfretzschner

    Has anyone familiar with GA Pfretzschner violin bows seen one with only two stars after the name? I've seen none and three stars, but I'm wondering if the shop used different numbers to indicate quality. Thanks!
  26. French violin mislabeled

    It looks like I need to be less oblique. I'd love to know what blank face and other experts make of the craquelure here: and also this seller's' feedback. Maybe I'm overly suspicious, but I've been fooled once before.
  27. Shop made F hole drills

    Thank you for the pictures.
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