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Let's see, there's the Paganini Caprices, the Reger sonatas for violin, the Bartok solo sonata, a solo sonata by a relatively new composer named Jeff Harrington, Ysaye's six sonatas for solo violin (op. 27), Kreisler's Recitativo and Scherzo (op. 6), Canadian composer/violinist S.C. Eckhardt-Grammaté wrote some partitas and caprices, Prokofiev wrote at least one solo sonata, there are the Freeman Etudes by John Cage, Elliot Carter has written solo works, Sibelius wrote some stuff for solo violin...and I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I'm too lazy to remember right now. I don't know how appropriate any of this would be for you, but there is a vast world of solo violin music beyond Bach.

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There are also the Six assaggi by Johan Helmich Roman (edited by Jaap Schröder, published by Fazer) and the Passacaglia by Biber (from the Rosenkrantz sonatas -- this "movement" is up for free at Johan Tufvessons famous "early music for free" website), if you're looking for Baroque pieces.

And then there's lots of modern stuff, among which I'd recommend Brustad's Adventure Suite (Norwegian composer), Diana Burrell's Songs for Harvey (short and not too tricky but effective, United Publishers) and something more ... which I can't remember right now ...

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Hindemith, Reger, Khatchaturian, Bartok, Ysaye, or Prokofiev Sonatas. Joaquin Rodrigo wrote one or two solo violin works. Saygun wrote a Partita for solo violin; it look neat but difficult.

This store should have a good selection of solo rep.

I've grown quite attached to Kreisler's Recitativo and Scherzo. I don't know anything about your technique, stamina, or overall playing, but I'd warn anyone that most of the violin solo repertoire I know of is virtuosic and taxing--there's no piano to fill in harmonies or play during the "tutti's."

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Originally posted by joker973921:

Does anyone know of any solo vioin material besides the bach sonatas and partitas that would be appropriate for a recital?

There is a nice collection of 5 solo Baroque pieces published by Tischer & Jagenberg:

Th. Balzar: 2 Preludes und Allemande

F. Biber: Passacaglia (this one is very nice)

F. Geminiani: Sonata (g minor)

J. G. Pisendal Sonata (a minor)

P. v. Westhoff: Suite (A major)

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