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1. As human diets become more vegetarian and fiber-conscious, there is less gut available (probably not a real reason).

2. Gut is a natural product that is not as consistent as a synthetic fiber can be.

3. Gut strings (including metal-wound gut strings) absorb water from the atmosphere and thus rapidly change tuning as the environment changes. Just turning on stage lights will quickly detune your gut-strung instrument (and dangerously overtighten your bow). Keeping a gut-strung instrument in tune is a nuisance (I continued to use Eudoxa and then Olive gut-core strings long after synthetic-core Dominants became available.)

4. It takes several days at least for new gut strings to stretch to their "final" relatively stable length.

5. Bare gut strings wear out quickly. When I was a young student player, my violin was strung with a bare A - I recall always having to replace it. And, as a teenage cellist, it was a weekly reitual to replace my bare-gut A string, even if I got to it before it actually broke.

That's probably enough reasons.


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