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New York Get-Together


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OK we really have to get moving on plans for a NY Get-Together. We need to agree/vote on a place to meet and when.

I think that the Saratoga/Ballston Springs area just above Albany is a good idea. We can meet at LongHair's and then move outdoors from there or do whatever the consensus is.

Who is willing to travel there? When does evryone want to meet. LongHair, please put your 2 cents in here. When is NOT a good time or when is the best time.

There can still be get-togethers in other locales and we can post photos.

Eberyone who has a pretty good idea that they will be there please post. let us knoe if you are bringing guests, they are certainly welcome, too.

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I support the idea of having a get-together in the Saratoga area this summer. Of course I live there so it is super-easy for me!

Long-hair has offered to put up a few people. I can do the same. It doesn't seem that this will be a huge group so I think we can work out the accomodations issue.

I am posting a link to the SPAC website. Please look at the schedule for the Philadelphia orchestra, and lets seriously set a date.


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Saratoga Springs would be possible any time during the Summer; August would be great. Ditto for New York City. We would probably have gone to Saratoga Springs anyway during the Summer. We haven't been there before and it appears to be a nice place to spend some vacation time.

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Let's make it August.

I will be there and will try to get my students and luthier show up.

Longhair, I just saw you this weekend and talked to you about this. Unfortunately, we didn't pin down a DATE.

Could you give us some suggestions as to good days to do this?

I would be willing to put up people at MY place too.

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Ok, here's an update concerning me. I recently got a mini-graduate-scolarship-for-people-that-are-writing-their-thesis-and-that-have-no-outside-source-of-money (whew).

I intend to finish writing my memoirs within 1 month max and after that I want to take an indefinite break from the university. That means I might not get back and do a PhD as I so firmly thought at the begining of my bachelor years.

It also means I'll very probably have a very needed trip to Europe (my first time there, imagine that..). It might be 2,3,4 weeks or 1.5 months, I don't know yet (waiting for answers to job applications - I might yet be called to teach a summer course). Possible countries include France, England, Sweden, Germany or Austria.

All these things need to clear up before I can go. If I can do both trips, I will­.

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