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Can anyone tell me which is the best minidisc?

I recently bought the sony something 900, and was told it was the top of the line.

But somewhere else they told me it has been discontinued for some reason, but it is very good for some things, but not best for recording with mic.

That was all my savings!

First question is, how can you live in a world like that, with such poor customer service,

Secondly, so how CAN this be appraised, and what IS best, also with mic use? I was told that sharp was best for that.

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First, I hate mini-disk, since it uses a lossy compression scheme. Acceptance of MD and too a lesser extent of MP3 has meant the death of progress in higher resolution digital audio. I do all my field recording and home recording to DAT using a pair of MBHO mics, run into an Apogee AD1000 pre/AD converter. It's a really nice setup. However, you don't need to spend that much money. If you are serious about your CDs, $1000 will get you a DAT machine, a decent microphone and a nice preamp.

Second, for the person who asked about recording to laptop, check out this link:

DAT is being phased out, though there are still a lot of people and studios using it. If you hotrod a reasonably good laptop with an RME Hammerfall soundcard or a VX Pocket, your are set, and can even record 24/96.

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