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Some of the Auer violin mechanics and insistence on rhythmic pulsatile musicianship seem to be present in the Soviet school to the present day.

We have three Soviet-trained violinists/violists in our orchestra, and I have looked in vain at their bow arms for signs of my Auer lineage. One of them plays quite beautifully and is very musical, but her style bears no resemblance to Auer. I also noticed this several years ago -- we had one Russian soloist who bowled me over (can't remember his name now, but from what I could see and hear, he had the Auer touch), and one of the Russians in our orchestra said "Wait til you hear Spivakov" (who was coming later that season). When Spivakov came, I was sorely disappointed. His playing, although technically near-perfect, didn't move me, and looked to me to be similar, if not identical to the Galamian style players. So I think the Auer influence is spotty over there, just as it is in the USA. I'm just glad there are some who are still carrying it on!

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But look at guys like Ilya Kaler or Pavel Berman or Viktoria Mullova. They've got Auer-like erectness and rhythm despite having shoulder rests.

The older generation Soviets I've seen (some of them students) seem to have a very good focus on producing linear musicianship that respects the score and pulse for the most part. Though they don't have Auer style mechanics, they aim toward the similar exciting and clean musical ideals.

I deeply admire and respect the Soviet school, though I'd never want to play that way!

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