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my ear/carpal tunnel


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Thanks for your e-mails, posts, etc. on the subject of my ailing left ear. It turns out that I am suffering from a monstrous viral infection that is beating the heck out of me...I'm diabetic, so my immune system isn't quite the fortress God intended it to be. This has been tormenting me for months and the doc said it could still be a month or two before it shoos out of my system.

My ear seems fine now. Unfortunately, the neurologist picked up carpal tunnel in my left hand...which is a pain, since I am a. a fiddler who plays a lot b. a newspaper copy editor by profession and c. left-handed. Unfortunately, being a copy editor and a fiddler are high risk for carpal tunnel on their individual merits. Together, well, it's a neurological madhouse.

But I can deal with a lot better than I could deal with losing my left ear, which is much improved. And I was delighted, frankly, to find out the tingling was carpal tunnel rather that a more serious problem.

Thanks again for your thoughts.


aside to DKay: hope to see you at Black Creek over Memorial Day weekend.

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The carpal tunnel is clearly an indication that you should quit your day job and devote yourself to the fiddle!!! laugh.gif

Virals are nasty! Are you taking any kind of supplements to boost your immune system? Eachinacea and vitamin C will help. I hope you get better soon!!! Take care of yourself!!


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Geez,had no idea you were under the weather. Had not seen any posts and just figured you were taking a break. We have seen many folks this year in the ED with viral infections; they always hit the diabetics a bit harder. EAT right, manage your glucose and rest the left hand. I imagine you have heard this more than once but the best medicine for CT is rest aside from a wee bit of cortizone. Get a wrist brace if you do not have one already. Take care and good luck with the CT. Lane

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Hello toc. Good news about the ear---glad it wasn't worse.

About carpal tunnel: I know how you feel. I am 16 years old, and already am suffering (for the past 1/2 year) from it. I have been fiddling since I was 7, and I am on computers a lot (I manage a website, and do other computer work).

The best help that I can give for relieving the pain is to rest for a while, and of course, the brace. (I hate the braces, but you have to wear them. . .I only have one, but I need another one for my other wrist.)

Best of luck with it!


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Glad to hear the good news, Toc!

A good friend of mine who is an insulin-dependant diabetic wanted me to tell you to touch base with your endocrinologist about setting a narrow target band for your glucose level and devising a diet that increases your vitamin C through fruits and vegetables. And, as always, never take any supplements without checking withyour doctor first!

That bit of preaching done, smile.gif I have had good results with seeing my chiropractor about my carpal tunnel. Some of it has to do with my neck, so I go every two weeks to get my head screwed back on straight (not that it stays that way laugh.gif ). I have noticed decreased pain and tingling. I also sleep on a special pillow made for people with sleep apnia. I don't have that, but it keeps my head tipped back to relieve pressure as well as keeping me from sleeping on my stomach (that is the worst thing you can do to your neck next to bungee jumping).

Good luck and again, glad to hear the ear thing is something they can take care of!


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Joint pain is fairly common especially for us older folks. My solution has been "NIKKEN" magnetic wraps. They are made for virtually any body part(including wrists/hands) and are the best on the market! I use them on my left wrist/shoulder after playing and in about 30min. am completely back to normal! Not snake oil, they really work. I know many who have Carpal tunnel and use them with great success! I was so impressed I now sell them. (shameless plug)But seriosly, give them a try. http://www.5pillars.com/nikkenmagneticrelaxation/

You can order online, or better yet, look in your local phone book and get a trial from a local "NIKKEN" distributor then buy only if it works for you! They are a bit pricey, but well worth it especailly if you don't want to limit your playing.

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About the carpel-tunnel. I assume that you spend a fair amount of time in front of a keyboard at your job. You should pay close attention to getting your workstation right. Your keyboard and chair need to be at the right level, you need wrist support, and so on. If you haven't done this already, you might be able to reduce the amount of work-related load on your tendons.

A lot of fiddlers play with a seriously bent left wrist. If you do, try to straithen out the wrist.

Good luck. I lost two sports -- running and squash -- to tendon problems and I'm determined to keep playing the fiddle.

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