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developing baby music


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Any calm soft vocal or istrumental. My wife and I can't remember the specific songs but a few of them got quite a responce from the baby each time they were played. Reading story books outloud seems to have a calming effect (good to know in the last few months of pregnancy). Good luck and congratulation

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When I was pregnant last year I played "Mozart for Mothers-to-Be" which is a collection of slow movements mostly. Very lullaby-ish, and so nice to listen to at any time. Also a variety of things like Bach, Vivaldi, and my CDs of the Soweto String Quartet and Quartetto Gelato.

Check in the archives for my thread "Music for a baby on the way?" where I asked specifically for relaxing music. Lots of good suggestions there.

The baby will be able to hear by about the 6th month or so of pregnancy. I'm told that babies (before and after birth) also enjoy happy, upbeat tempos.

Congratulations on your wonderful news! When is the baby due?


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Perhaps not for now, but after the baby is born...There was a LP called "Lullaby from the Womb" which combined the mother's heartbeat (as heard from the womb) with classical music. It's claimed that Baby's stop crying, and listen attentively. I don't know if it's available anymore - I believe it was by Nakamoora ?

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I didn't use specific recordings while expecting my three children, but I did make it a practice to spend time everyday singing in the rocking chair. I would sing the loooooong multi-versed ballads. I'm astonished that they seem to "remember" it at some level. The children are now 20,15 and 11..and the younger two occassionally ask me to sing "the one about the man who went to work on the boat and the lady didn't know him when he came back". All three play several instruments and find composing as natural as breathing...no big deal. huh.

I didn't deliberatly play recordings for them when I was expecting, just played whatever I wanted to hear..but my oldest son had a marked preference for Mozart and Bach as a toddler. I remember him announcing at 2 that he didn't like Beethoven because he

(the big :) stomped around like he was always mad about something!

Congrats!!! I miss having babies in the house..I miss their little fuzzy heads and the sweet smell of the skin.


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When I was pregnant ... oh, so many years ago ... I played guitar a few times a week. Nothing specific, just held the guitar up against my tummy.

I practiced my piano as usual, and sang to the radio or albums -- and music was pretty much always 'on' at my place. At least when my hubby isn't here.

I don't know if all this helped, but it made me feel better.

And then I filled their young lives with all manner of the same sort of music. Popular, Folk, and Classical -- they grew up listening to it all. The piano was never "off-limits" -- you should see what the poor thing looks like now.

I sang to them, I sang with them.

I wrote a lullabye the second week my first daughter was born, and we have sang it for them for years. When the second daughter was born, my first was 3. She helped me sing TO the baby, in fact. (No, it wouldn't win any awards, she was not a musical prodigy -- but I will never forget her little face lighting up to sing that lullabye with me for her baby sister.)

I think both their faces still light up if they hear the song.

When they have grandchildren, I guess I'll add new verses for each one, too. smile.gif

Just fill their lives with the love of music -- by example. Don't fret the small stuff.


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