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Where's all the old people, Lydia, HKV, Muon, etc?


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Originally posted by crystal:

It looks as if once again, a lot of new people are coming on the Fingerboard. And you are all very Welcome, I might add.

But I am wondering where all the old-timers are?

I'm still here, kinda. I've been here longer, I think, than most of the people you mentioned in the title. Since sometime in 97 I think smile.gif. Not that it matters, new posters are just as informed as us old timers.

I first posted here when I was looking for information on my violin. I think my first response was from Al Stancel. I still miss him, this place hasn't been the same, nor will it ever be without Al. Al Stancel gave me more information on violin making than all the books I've read combined. He also sent me a few bows to try, he never sent out items to people unless speaking with a teacher or someone he knew. I bought one of them and have never touched another bow since.

THat's my story,


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I'm still here, and catch most of the conversations.

Violinistically, it's going at a good pace (read: slow but constant) and have plenty of things to perfect. In other words, the road seems to be clearly laid out before me, so I don't have an immediate need to ask for specific advice these days (though I'm sure I will soon enough).

I was wondering if there was going to be another get together this year. If it's in NYC again, I won't do the same mistake, I'll come by bus or train this time.

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I'm still here, but I've been incredibly busy since November or so. I barely have time to practice at the moment (days often pass between the times I pick up the violin), and so I generally only read the Fingerboard threads whose subject titles interest me, these days, and post much less often.

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There seems to be a bit less passion currently. Maybe that's a good thing, because say 18 months/two years ago (is that the old times?) it got pretty heated fairly regularly. There were some great discussions, but sometimes at the end of a thread, two or three thoughts were hanging in the air:

a) What was all that really about,

:) Was it really necessary to get so heated?

c)..and we do this for fun?

Of course, then The Fingerboard and The Pegbox were one group, and IMHO (we had rows about IMHO..) there were fewer bland postings, and more contentious ones.


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I am certainly not one of the old posters, I have only been here about a month...but wow, some of you have been here for quite a few years huh? Is there always the same topics and conversations that keep going round in circles? Or...are things always different? I read the posts sometimes three times a day(obviously I have nothing better to do...no offence I really love it here). anyhoo I just thought I would say hey to some of you people beacuse I still do not recgonzise a lot of common names yet.


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Glad to see some old familiar names. Not that new people aren't welcome, because you are. It's just that over time, you get used to talking to certain people, you "know" certain people (even though you've never met them) and it's like a little family or community.

I don't mean to sound mushy or anything. It's just nice to come to a place where "everybody knows your name"!

By the way, I miss the heated discussions, the passion, even the fights. Those were some great conversations....

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I have heard it said that a few miss some of the more heated debates. I am inclined to agree I don't know if everyone is trying to go out of their way to be extra nice to one another, or what, but alot of the fire seems to have left the board. I don't even read it as much as I used to.

I had no idea Greta was no longer with us, the last time I heard from her we were discussing New Mexico, and it stopped all of a sudden. I now know why. I am truly sorry to hear she is gone.


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