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teaching injured students

Lady Jane

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Two of my violin students are injured but still coming to lessons and I was hoping to get some ideas for lesson activities, as I'm running short on ideas.

The first is twelve, end of Suzuki book 1. Her right wrist has nerve damage and she just had surgery. We've been trying to do theory, but it's hard as she can't write.

The second broke her left wrist the day after Christmas. I'm just assuming she's right-handed and can write. She's nine or ten and at the end of Suzuki book three. She has a 45-min. lesson and I'm afraid she'll get bored.

So, any ideas? I'd really appreciate some help; we're already doing theory and flash cards.


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What about singing and listening? Singing could be learning solfegge, or just study pieces with neutral syllables to work on things like dynamics, articulation, and character.

You could teach interval recognition or chords, or play recordings. There are 3-4 different recordings of the Suzuki violin repertoire, plus "grown-up" versions of Suzuki pieces like Beethoven Minuet in G and Dvorak Humoresque. "Originals" are another possibility, like the Bach Cello Suite the Book 3 Bourree was taken from, the orchestral suite the Gavotte right before it came from, the Bach keyboard suite the Book 2 Musette comes from (it's part of a Gavotte), or Boccherini's E-major quintet. I'd avoid the original Witches' Dance for now. smile.gif

I vaguely remember bow games/excercises from Suzuki workshops, plus left hand pizz to develop finger strength and clear articulation.

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I just remembered something from the wonderful Kato Havas video. She expected her students to sing EVERYTHING before they played. I forget one of the pieces, something Bach, but they reminded me of my college sight singing and ear training course, AND, after singing they could be played with the one-violin-four-hands- approach, which the kids really do love to do.

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