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What MP3 editing programs do you use (if any) when transferring LP's to CD? I know MusicMatch does it for free--all you really need is a cable from the turntable's (or cassette player's) line-out jack to the sound card's line-in jack, but I don't think MusicMatch lets you edit the MP3's or separate them into different tracks. I saw the following programs at Best Buy:

MusicMatch Deluxe 6.0 ($30)

Cakewalk Pyro ($30)

Magix MP3 Maker Gold ($30)

Magix Music Video Maker 6 ($30) (Deluxe: $60)

sonic foundry Sound Forge 5 ($200)

sonic foundry Vegas Audio 2 ($200)

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If your aim is to transfer an LP record to a CD, you probably wouldn't want to use the MP3 format. I suppose the exception would be if you wanted to play the CD's in one of those little devices that only reads MP3. If you're going to be playing them back through an ordinary CD player or a computer, then recording them as WAV files will give you the best quality by far.

There are expensive programs such as Cubase and Calkewalk that let you do that but you can get by a lot cheaper.

A very inexpensive program which lets you take any input to your sound card (LP, radio, another CD, microphone, etc.) and create Stereo Wave files is The Internet Tape Deck by Recordlab (formerly Midisoft). The program also lets you recort on 8 different tracks so that you can accompany yourself, if you've a mind, and mix the tracks down to a good quality WAV file. You can also apply some basic effects, like reverb and equalization. The program used to be free (which is how I got it) but now they are asking $29 for it. It's worth it if this is what you want to do. http://www.recordlab.com/e-store/products....ternet+TapeDeck

Once you have made a WAV file, you can create an MP3 file from it by a large number of programs. One I use a lot is a freeware program called CDex which also extracts music files directly from CD's to creat MP3's http://www.cdex.n3.net/

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I would do direct analog input to CD write, if you have software that lets you do this (there's probably something out there that can). But you can expect some quality loss, depending on how good your sound card is.

If you want to record a lot of LPs onto CD, you're better off with a standalone CD writer, in my opinion.

Aiwa makes a nice boombox system that has dual tape decks, a three-CD changer, radio, and CD-R/CD-RW writer, for $300.

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OOOOOOH good: Tech-heads.

Santa brought me a cd burner ( big fun in Akron!). I've had no problem disc to disc..but haven't been able to go from the soundfiles stored in my harddrive to cd.

I have Windows Mediaplayer, WinAmp, and a something or other Jukebox (I haven't touched that one yet).

How do I translate the stored playlists to something the burner can read?



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Originally posted by Violinerrrz:

Right on lwl, how about just a regular old stereo component you can plug into your stereo that has analog input?

Knowing that vieuxtemps is a college student, I'd rate it likely that he doesn't have enough dorm room space for a full-fledged stereo and has a boom box system instead. But I could be wrong. smile.gif

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I wanted to get the LP->CD transfers (and maybe some cassettes) done at home, but I guess that will have to wait until Spring Break or May. We don't have a record player yet, and I've got a week and 2 days before I go back to school. (Record players come and go, but Neveu, Toscanini, Oistrakh, etc. for $1.50-$3 per LP doesn't happen every day.) Not that it matters--the computer functions too slowly for the CD burner to work (buffer underrun error) thanks to the Nimda worm (hit while I was away).

To transfer sound files onto CD's, they have to be in WAV format first (WAV is better quality, but a much larger file than MP3). Winamp converts MP3's to WAV, but I think MusicMatch Jukebox is easier to use. The basic version is free to download.

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There was a sale last January at Peabody's music library; LP's were going for a couple bucks apiece at most. I got Makanowitzky's Mozart Concertone, Prokofiev Plays Prokofiev, R. Serkin playing the Appassionata and Pathetique Sonatas, Toscanini's La Boheme (live from the 50's), 2 discs of Toscanini conducting overtures, Menuhin playing the Bartok Concerto and some Duos, Oistrakh playing "the World's Greatest Violin Concertos," Malkin conducting some good Russian stuff, and Neveu playing the Debussy Sonata, Tzigane, and Poeme. I got those, some casettes, some sheet music, and some books for under $30. I thought the record player can wait, but this one-year thing is getting ridiculous.

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I have a stand alone Phillips dual CD Writer. I bought it just to copy my LPs to disc. I have about 1000 LPs. I haven't had any problems with it. I had to have the stand alone since my big stereo system is downstairs and my computer with the CD writer is upstairs. Providing you have a lot of LPs to transfer, I recommend both if you can buy both. Prices are coming down as always after something has been out for awhile.

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No offense, but I just had to smile when I read "we don't have a record player yet"...because it was so many years that we ONLY had a turntable (it cost too much back when to call it a mere "record player"). We were among the last of our friends and family to get a CD player; I think we've only had it 7 years or so. We still have the turntable and it works fine, but we don't have it hooked up anymore.

Where are you finding these LPs?

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