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Next violin?


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I have been playing 4 mo. now and enjoy it a lot but am already looking to research my next instrument. I have a Scherl and Roth E301H Prelude series. It is good for now, but am looking toward what would be next. Also, I go to sea on a sub and am looking for a "beater" to take with me that won't sacrifice so much in tone that I can't continue to learn but that wouldn't be a tragedy if broken. Any advice on a beater or on a step up for the Scherl? Please be specific on model since they vary so much.

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Hey oldsubguy,

I used to be surface navy, eons ago...

I know you guys don't have the moist, salty air to deal with, but still, you sure you want to take a finely shaped wooden object worth $2K out to sea?

In your boat (pun intended), I'd take the model you own already, bring some extra strings, and save your money till you get back.

Another option: Yamaha's silent violin, or maybe Fender's electric model. (I'm thinking about construction material as well as where you'll practice.)

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I'm trying to get rid of a violin that costs $2000. no case or bow, but i think it is the finest violin i've seen in that price. honestly. if you are interested or curious feel free to contact me privately at aamtnbike@aol.com i live in the seattle area, so we could arrange a time to play it and give it some lovin'

oh yeah, am i allowed to try to sell stuff on this discussion board?



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For your beater I know exactly what you mean. Not a $200,$300,$1000 or $2000 but a CHEAPIE laugh.gif

My wife bought me a BRAND NEW smile.gif ANTON BRETON (woo hoo crazy.gif ) on ebay for same type of reason.

They are fine for beating on (I planned to use it in Saudi on my Deployments). Acutually the model I got has good sound too(not $2000 sound but good).

What ever you get you will want to put a good set of strings on it. We used Dominants. It makes a world of diffrence in a cheepie.

We got ours for $70 with case and bow. The strings were $27. There were no defects it is very playable.

I think the finnish is a laquer not an oil varnish. For me it was good because of the intense heat when transporting anywhere (124 F when I was there).

here is a link to an auction for the exact style we got a few months ago from the same seller


I liked these folks they were nice to do buisness with. The violin is better than the other ones like it (so is the case).

P.S. I would just try to email these people an let them know that you are in the service and WHY you want the violin mabie they woukld just send you one for the same price or less wink.gif

best of luck


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Go on ebay and get one of those el cheapo violins. Have the thing set up properly so that it is playable. For the beater,camping violin this is usually good enough.

Now before you invest a lot of cash into a good instrument I recommend you upgrade your bow first. A good bow will aid you in performing miracles on the lousiest fiddle and will travel with you when you get a good instrument.

You may also wish to look in pawn shops and flea markets.


Don Crandall

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Originally posted by oldsubguy:

Went ahead and bought a h. siegel HS-20 for $125.00. Sound is good enough to use at sea but I will have to get the nut filed because the strings (dominants) sit too high and I can seldom bow a string with my fingers on another like on the Scherl. Thanks for all your help guys....

Put some Helicores on that thing and it will sound better. Dominants are nice when new but get muddy quickly.

Don Crandall

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Don -

No string is good for every violin. You keep saying that Helicores will be great on every violin anyone mentioned - and it just ain't so. Some instruments just don't take well to them but work well with Dominants. Some are just the opposite. I had one violin that sounded its best with Super Sensitive Red Labels, believe it or not!

Jason R. Fruit.

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