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Does your fiddle/Violin have a name?


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Originally posted by natnot:

bonsai -

Lindisfarne off the coast of Ireland? Is this a different Lindisfarne to the famous "Holy Island"? I live near that one and it's off the coast off north east England. Are there two?

Ok... so way off the coast. wink.gif Hey, who says Americans are bad at geography?


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bonsai, I didn't mean to imply that Americans are bad at geography, I'm sure none of you are as bad as I am! Lindisfarne is one of the few places I actually know the location of... smile.gif

Anyway, on topic...my previous violin (now emergency spare) is called Kurt (after Kurt Cobain of Nirvana). Strange choice I know...but hey, I was young. My current violin doesn't have a name, although I wish it did. I've had it over a year and am waiting until I find the "right" name...for some reason I remain convinced that one day I'll hear a name and think "Wow! That's what I'll call my violin!"

Or then again, perhaps not...I do like the idea of naming instruments though, and I think of mine as having their own personalities. smile.gif

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my first two student violas were nameless...

my first top quality student viola is named Herbie, and i'll keep him/it forever...

the pate viola is named agatha...it shall be sold, if i can find a buyer.

the viola i had on trial from bill scott was named billy-bob, but billy-bob is being sent back to minnesota as soon as he's back from vacation.

and the lawrence furse viola i'll likely buy, should i be able to squelch my desire to try every viola on earth, i have named desdimona...or, dezi for short.

the bow i havent named...never felt the need to...perhaps when i get a decent wood bow (old or modern) i'll name it.

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My violin is named "Mr. Schweitzer." Originally, it was meant only as a working title in progress (derived from the name of the maker) but the name stuck, evolving in it's own fashion. It now more refers to Mr. Albert Schweitzer, the great idealist thinker.

My viola's name has been something similar. Every time I spend time a friend (as I don't see him often,) he inspires me to play viola, (this friend being a violist himself.) I promised him my viola's middle name would be after him, "Brodie." Since then, I haven't been able to come up with a first and/or last name for my dear instrument, and so, just like the situation with my violin, the name "Brodie" has remained. :-)

All the best,


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My son's viola is "Lois" named after my mother's cousin who gave it to him. It was made for her quite a few years ago and he named it after her as a tribute of sorts.His mezzo violin is simply called "mezzo". But his other violas and violin are nameless.

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I have one called Charlie. Named for my neighbor who gave it to me.

I have one called Rua. (roo-a) I like that spelling best. But it is an Irish word for red. I bought it in Ireland and it has a really great story behind me getting it. But a long one. It's a red finish fiddle. I once had a music teacher named that too.

I have another called crap.

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Originally posted by Saeunn:

My old cello's names were Big Red and Jean Paul. I don't have a name for my new one, yet. How bout bows?? Anyone named their bows? Every member of Apocalyptica has named his cello and bow.. thats kinda neat.


I'd love to hear about your new cello Saeunn. E-mail me and let me know which one you got.

Of my 3 violins, only one has an official name. Her name is Vannet (pronounced Vannay). My two favorite painters are Van Goe and Monet so I named my violin after them. Besides, she's an old distinguished french violin, so I thought Vannet sounded kinda french and a bit aristocratic. laugh.gif

My other violins need names still. Maybe the real ugly one (but with a great sound) should be called Duck. The one I play now, I'm still discovering so I just don't know yet.


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2 of my violins are crap.

One of my good ones is called Wyo Lin (how my croatian friend says "violin")

My 1925 Verzi I simply call the red violin.

I just bought a new violin, Bavarian from around 1785, but I don't have a name for it. It sounds like a canon (but that name's already taken).

Maybe I'll call him "Gil", I've determined that this instrument is a boy violin (my red violin is a girl...the other 3 I don't know)

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