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calling all teenagers


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Originally posted by High Strung:

19 years old, otherwise known as 1008 moons...Barrie, Ontario...traddie fiddle music and anything else I can find (including some interesting Danish waltzes and polkas!)

hey fellow canadian,

since u r from ontario. have u heard of the orangville fiddle camp? i might go this summer, but i've never been there before and was wondering if you have and if its cool or not.

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I've heard of the Orangeville fiddle camp, and would absolutely love to go. You should take the opportunity. I have seen a website all about it, and it looks like a lot of fiddling, and a lot of french-canadian step dancing lessons...which I would attend at every possible moment!! Its the french style that Leahy dance. Do a search, and I'm sure you'll find the website.

I think any fiddle camp would be cool.

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b. 1984 in Canada. I've been taking violin lessons since the age of 5.

Where I live there are no high school orchestra's. The arts programs have been cut from high schools in my province. Makes me disgusted at the provincial government. Last year something like $7.5 was spent per capita. I've got to move.

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hey gamina,

i live near belleville ontario, it is about 3 hours away from hamilton. ever heard of the orangville fiddle camp? i think i might go this summer but want to know if it is any good.i am also 17 and i play fiddle.

VIVEZZA-too bad about your arts school being cut. however i live in ontario and i go to an arts school, so we still have some good programs here smile.gif

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