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Who are the best violin teachers of USA?

Ivan Popov

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When I hear people say "he studied with X, one of the 3( or 4, 5, etc)best of USA", sometimes I get lost, because I don`t know the names. I think it would be good to know who are arguably the best teachers(I suppose they have known careers), because I suspect there are charlatans all around. Actually, there are probably a lot of reasons to list the most important names, but that one calls my attention especially. Thanks for this great forum.

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A handful of names, which is by no means even vaguely complete...

Dorothy DeLay

Hyo Kang

Robert Lipsett

Victor Danchenko

Zvi Zeitlin

Sally Thomas

David Cerone

Roland and Almita Vamos

In Europe, add Zakhar Bron (and no doubt many others).

(It's not like the names of the great teachers are a secret, c'mon, folks.)

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Originally posted by Ivan Popov:

Is that such a bad question to get no answer?

I think it`s a reasonable theme, anyway.

This is actually a very easy question to answer. Many American orchestras have web sites, and many have bios of the individual players. This is true at least of both NY Phil and LA Phil. Read almost any players bio and it lists his/her teacher(s). You will see several names crop up again and again. You can also look in Strings or Strad magazine and look at the ads for the different music schools - most list their faculty.

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Is the best teacher the one who takes an already excellent student and makes them better?

Or the one that takes an average or less-than-average student and makes them take pride in their effort?

I think the bios of those in the major symphonies tell us next to nothing about who are the best teachers, simply because the vast majority of us will never play in the major symphonies, and don't aspire to. Playing a good 3-octave major scale is hard enough!

We do our teachers (and ourselves) little service by contributing to the star system. The star system has already bankrupted much of classical music and the performing arts generally speaking in this country, and it has done virtually nothing to help ME.

(The star system doesn't seem to treat American students particularly well anyway -- how many really stellar American virtuoso soloists has DeLay actually produced in the last 15 years, and the same is true for the rest of them.)

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