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Post your favorite/current/unsatisfactory etc. violin cases!


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With regards to the current discussion on cases, I think it is a good idea to have an idea of other people's comments about their favorite/current/unsatisfactory/ dream case.

This can be a good reference for people seeking new cases too. Mine is a current normal case that is heavy and has a storage inside the case for accessories. I am looking for one with more storage space and humidity control, not to mention better choice of color combination and a sleek look

Hope more people can reply to this thread. What are your dream cases? And what are your current and satisfactory/unsatisfactory cases?


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I bought a couple of cases from Southwest. One is an oblong that was a closeout about a year ago. It’s high quality and built like a tank, very solid and heavy and was a real bargain. I just bought a crescent shaped case for the old violin to go to a new home with a son. It’s very lightweight and handy. It’s not the high quality of the heavy case but it has suspension, a music pocket, and storage.

I like the heavy one but seldom use it. I only play for amusement and keep the violin handy in a curio cabinet. Other instruments with cases are much heavier than violins so you can’t complain about weight. It isn’t a piano. Working musicians seem to go for bulletproof cases, particularly for touring.

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I've got a Bobelock 1017 which I'm happy with; it's got a ton of internal storage (three big pockets). Downside is, it's quite heavy (seven pounds base weight).

I've also got one of Bein & Fushi's Hill-style suspension cases; I don't know who the "real" case manufacturer is, but it's held up through a decade and a half of abuse. The blanket over the instrument attaches to the case with velcro, which I find useful, as I tend to forget and leave it out. (Also, having it attached means that it lies nicely flat against the instrument and doesn't move, whereas I find with the detached Bobelock blanket, it moves and bunches up and must be arranged just right in order to make the case close properly.) Again, the drawback is that it's heavy.

My teacher uses a lightweight dart-shaped suspension case, even for her rather expensive violin; she says that she rode subways everywhere in her student days and wanted the lightest thing possible, and has never since gone back to heavy cases.

If I could have anything, it'd probably be the Musafia Ultraleggero lightweight case.

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I have an old G&S shaped, leather covered, brass fittings case from the 1920's in perfect condition. I don't use a shoulder rest, so don't need the storage, the canvas cover over this case has pocket to stick pictures, etc. in. If I had my way, and the bucks, I'd probably have a nice Musafia case. The weight of a case doesn't matter to me.

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Originally posted by oldgeezer:

I bought a couple of cases from Southwest. One is an oblong that was a closeout about a year ago. It’s high quality and built like a tank, very solid and heavy and was a real bargain.

I got one of those J. Copland cases as well, and I thought it was the steal of tne century. (well, okay, not quite) I wouldn't buy any case which is not 7-ply plywood, even if it means two pounds more in weight (which is what the Copland's are.) I'm of the opinion that the case is protection against that one single accident that will happen in your lifetime where every bit of protection will be needed.

For other purposes, you can put the violin in a grocery bag.

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I recently bought a Bobelock 1017 also, a Hill Style case, suspension, with three storage compartments inside, and a hygrometer. It also comes with a string tube, which I never use. It's a gorgeous case inside, with burgandy velour interior.

I think it's a wonderful case. I had a lightweight case and it just didn't cut it for me, but i still store my older violin in it at home. It just didn't have enough storage and the music pocket wasn't big enough. Here's to living and learning.

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