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The vibrato subject has come up many times. Here is a link to the numerous threads regarding the subject.


Do you take private lessons? It sounds like you have multiple teachers...anyways. Before you go to the link, I will briefly address your questions.

Whenever playing the violin, always stay relaxed, that is the most important advice I can give about anything to do w/ violin playing. Regarding the vibrato, you should be able to vibrate w/ the finger only, wrist only, arm only, and a combination of all three somewhat (the latter two are used the most however). Vibrating in all different speeds is also important.

Seeing someone demostrate vibrato helps. My best advice is to try out all kinds of movements for vibrato. Listen carefully, that will help you find the vibrato that suits you best.

Good luck

Diana smile.gif

PS. Once you get the hang of it, vibrate constantly. Continuous vibrato is something not many violinists actually master (same thing goes for bowing straight).

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