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Quartet Encores?


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My theory on encores for what it's worth.

A short quartet movement is OK but utterly lacks the nuance of relationships among movements when one plays all movements, so I prefer not to do sample movements.

I think the emphasis in encores should be on charm and variety rather than on blazing technique, strong emotion, or intellectual challenge. Here are some possibilities:

1. Scot Joplin Rag

2. Ethnic dance arrangement from, for example, Spain, Isreal, Eastern Europe, etc.

3. Traditional tune arrangement, Celtic, Appalachian, etc.

4. Something jazzy, like Ellington, Gershwin.

Choices such as these will, I think, not diminish the "serious" music of the main program, but will serve like an afterdinner mint or piece of fruit to provide a light, finishing touch.

My two bits.


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