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A very very very very very good website!!!!!

Saddest Violinist

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Ken, it's actually a very good webiste; has a LOT of FREE sheet music (zip.file) to download. Its just that everybody pretty much knows about it, but some person has 'advertised' it quite a few annoying times. Saddest Violinist isn't the originator, but it just brought up all the old emotions. Trust me though, I have a LOT of music downloaded and printed from there.



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Look, I do not know why so many people are unappreciative of someone's efforts to share violin music in this community.

At least I am always on the lookout for sheet music to the songs I like, and I am grateful to Saddest Violinist for his contribution.

I sense sarcasm, boredom and simply no sense of appreciation. If you want to help the beginneers in this forum, we are extremely grateful, Other than that, if you don't wish to help.....don't keep on saying " it has been posted a long time ago, search for it"

Does that mean that whenever i want to post a topic, I must search for it first? How silly. If you have seen a familiar posting sometime back and it appeared again, let those helpful people reply and keep your "smart alecK" and "wise guy" comments to yourself.

I have been wanting to say this for a long time, just that I exploded today. There are always new people joining who are in need of help or advice or guidance. Don't assume that the people who post the same topic months or years ago are the same people.

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Originally posted by violinman:

Can anyone tell me what is the title of that website backgound music.
Thnx. I've tried it and won't be able to download any sheet music at all.


In case you still haven't figured out, the piece played in background is an encore piece written by Kreisler called "Aucassin and Nicollete" (dunno why it's not as popular as others- too hard to pronounce?). I have no idea who the violinist is though. Aparently s/he is one of the top-notch players - it almost surpasses the Gingold recording I have.

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Legal or not, like it or not, just be careful. That site can't be as big as Napster or Napster clones (look how seriously record labels take classical ventures vs. pop or classical cross-overs). But be discreet. Advocating or advertising that site is probably some kind of violation of some policy somewhere, and it's not such a good idea if you want the site to survive for long.

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