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hey guys-

I go though a set of strings a month. My violin dealer said it is because I have very acidic sweat. That seems reasonable to me, but it doesn't help my strings last longer. the life of my strings is like clockwork, at the end of every month they are all fuzzy and yucky. I practice 3 hours per day and inbetween each hour I take a break and wipe down the strings, and i wipe all the sweat off very throughly when i'm finished. Right now i'm using eva pirazzi's. i really like the sound, but spending over $50 a month on strings is really hard on a college student's budget.....any suggestions?

any and all help is appreciated

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I've got a similar problem.

You might consider switching to a string brand with greater durability; I find that I can keep Obligatos longer on my violin than EPs, for instance, since while the volume diminishes and the ring isn't quite as there as the string wears out, it doesn't degenerate as sharply.

Also, rather than changing the whole set at once, replace individual strings when they wear out. In particular, you might find that more frequent replacements of the E and G will allow you to keep the D and A longer.

And buy your strings when they go on sale! You can save quite a bit that way.

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