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remedies for tendonitis


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I ran into an old friend the other while playing for a church gig. I noticed she had some kind of support wrap on her left elbow. She said it was tendonitis. She was told to stop playing for a couple of months. I have had shoulder problems myself and was told to take huge amounts of anti-inflamatories for a while. You can't do that forever, because the anti-inflamatories are very hard on your stomach. Does anyone have any other remedies that have helped besides stopping playing? Thanks.

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Or you could do a search under tendonitis, I just tried it and there were hundreds of alternative therapies to think about.

I've had problems with my wrist joint but haven't spoken to the doctor about it, instead I use the small pads off my Bodi-Tek sytsem around it, and put it on massage mode. It seems to provide relief on long term basis, apparently also strengthening my muscle at the same time. It's expensive but it's great for all sorts of aches and pains let alone being able to tone my flabby butt up. Honestly the massage mode is really good and you get pads that can be strapped on anywhere.


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Tendonitus is inflammation of the tendon, and it happens when we overwork some part of our body. I haven't told you anything new, but that's because it's one of those diagnoses that means almost nothing.

MDs routinely diagnose tendonitus and prescribe, as you found out, rest and lots of anti-inflammatories that can injure your stomach.

Neither prescription is a cure, unfortunately. Reminds me a bit like with headaches. If you have one, you can go to a doctor and he'll say, "You have a headache; rest, and take these."

You still don't know why you have a headache, and so it is with tendonitus.

What I'm getting at with my rambling is that I've had little help from MDs. Chiropractors have alleviated a lot more discomfort, and even pain, for me. Plus, they've shown me what I'm doing wrong to cause trouble in the first place. Choose carefully though, because some are gentle and some are not.

Some people will say chiropractic (or acupuncture, which I've not tried) is not cure. But rest and anti-inflammatories aren't, either. I only see this fellow on occasion anymore.

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Oh yes, I should add that proper stretching before and after playing will help a lot.

With playing an instrument, it's easy to overlook how much of a workout we put on very small muscles, etc. (I'm no anatomist). Just remember that we're all different, so what you can get away with might be torture for somebody else.

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Rest, and care.


Fix the cause of the problem, playing Violin it probably is too much tension.

Press lightly on the stings, have a good posture and blink as you play, this sigals the ANS that it is ok to do it's thing, breathing has a similar effect.

The ANS does not follow the CNS except in threatening situations. You cannot 'will' the

tendons to relax for example. Not blinking is a sign of inability to relax.

Another help would be herbal treatments which do help one cope with tension. Foods like Chocolate and Lettuce are good, stimulants bad!

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hmmm - that's an interesting point. Where I work at the movie place in my town, we have to pop locks off of dvd cases and do dozens every shift we work. I have a small bruise right in the center of my left palm and can often feel pain in my chest/arm muscles from pushing hard on them.

today in my lesson my hands really hurt. could my job be messing me up??


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Pain is a very good teacher. Do you have pain there all the time? just when you play? If you only have it when you play, then obviously it's something in your playing that is causing it. Find the position or gesture that does not cause pain. If your tendon and the tendons around that particular tendon are already too inflamed so that you cannot play without hurting, you must stop. Also, notice what else you do with your shoulder. Do you put it in wierd positions when you do something else without thinking about it? Awareness is key. Do you drive/sleep/beat eggs with it in wierd positions? This may also be the cause of your problems. I would say stop playing until the pain goes away, and during that time notice what you do to yourself. When you can play with no pain, notice what you're doing when the pain comes back. Stop playing for a while until you are again pain free and figure out another way that to play without pain. Have another musician help you out with this. Sometimes we don't notice that we raise our shoulder when we play and even the slightest tension can mess up your body. Hope that helps.


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