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Shlomo Mintz Paganini Caprices


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Well... I seem to be in lots of trouble.... My teacher just lent me a copy fo Mintz's interpretation of Paganini's Caprice (edited by Deutsche Gramaphone) and my computer destroyed it... Looking at Amazon, they can only ship it to me within 4-6 weeks... Do any of you know where I could find it quicker (shipping to Spain). My class is next week... And I feel embarrassed that my computer just ate his CD (sort of like the mission Impossible tape that self destructs within 5 seconds...).

Besides that, the few tracks I have been able to listen to are very impressive. Clean articulation and dynamics, but then again, I'm new to the world of Paganini, so I don't have much comparison from other professionals (I know there are a few threads at the moment on Maestronet over the Caprices).

Well, if any of you know a fast shipping company in Europe for the Mintz/Paganini Caprices, please let me know! Thanks,


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I enjoyed this series very much and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Mintz doesn't always play these Caprices exactly to the score, but the intent is honest and the spirit true to Paganini.

Of course, the technique is often not there.

I guess if I were like other folks on this forum, I "would just chuckle at it and say "Nice try".

But I'm not that disrespectful - at least not for a solid MUSICAL effort like this.

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Originally posted by HuangKaiVun:

Agreed 100%.

But I'm only stating what other people here state - the quote in question is not my own.

Interesting how I can post this stuff here and get called on it while others post the same exact stuff and are looked upon reverentially.

I think Schlomo Mintz is a great violinist who played the caprices wonderfully! One thing I don't like about his playing is that he crunches the beginning of his notes. This sounds great in the Sibelius concerto, but its not suited for all pieces.

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I don't own a recording of this to check, but my recollection is that Mintz sounds like he has technique to spare in the Caprices. At the very least he hits the notes in tune. I do often wish that Mintz had a clearer sound; I think it's not so much that he's fumbling notes or even not articulating, but that his tone production seems to blur one note into the next, or his bowing technique creates a lot of extraneous noise rather than the pitch itself.

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It's been a long time since I have heard this recording, but recall liking it very much. One oddity about Mintz (which may no longer hold) is that he sounds much more present on recordings than I ever remember him in live broadcasts. He did a lot of concertizing in this country 15-20 years ago, and his appearances were to my ear extremely competent, but underwhelming on the artistic and dramatic front. A large contrast to this recording, and some others he did at the same time.

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