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What are you asking for for Christmas?


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Methinks it is better to give than to receive... =)

I would love to be really good enough to perform in concerts for charity, and perform for the people I love and once hurt ( and I still hurt them to this day)

And I really hope to be a violin maker one day

hahahaha wishful thinking on my part....

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Originally posted by High Strung:

I would love to receive absolutely NOTHING!!!

In our family, we do receive absolutely nothing, and it's great! (we are Quakers)But it is a custom in our family that the kids and I take our instruments to the local hospital, and go room-to-room playing carols.

My wish is that my broken elbow is healed enough to do it this year!

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Originally posted by deb:


Oh, that's lovely.

What instruments do you all take, and what are the fav carols to play?

Flute, and two violins (though, I expect this year it will be one.) Older daughter is a composer, and sometimes does original settings (her Coventry Carol is something to hear!). Sometimes the two of them (ages 14 and 11) just improvise on the spot.

Those who are bedridden who appreciate it, but I think those who really appreciate it most are the families who are couped up with sick relative. And we play for the staff, too. This will be our 7th year.

The kids also play for the Salvation Army at the local supermarket. We figured out long ago that just because we do not celebrate a traditional Christmas doesn't mean we can't help others celebrate theirs!

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Ahem! I would love to fall into one of those lovely situations in which a small viola would fall effortlessly into my hands for a shockingly low price and be so easy to play that I would instantly feel that my arms and my instrument were the movable parts of a unit. Barring that, I guess a set of Corelli Crystal #230s.

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