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Harrison - the greatest surviving concert instrument of the 17th century?


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How true is that? When I first saw an article a long time ago, to say that the Cremonese is the greatest surviving strad, I believed it. Then, later, I also hear another Strad being said to be the greatest surviving strad, then I got confused. Later, more on "greatest surviving strad" and I am more confused, until I finally do not believe any more of what they say as the greatest surviving thing. Why these people always have to say such thing without proofs, and nobody seems to care.

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I think this is because different instruments sound differently to other people.

Some people may like a particular Strad while others may like another Strad. It goes on to Guarneris, Amatis, Guadagninis etc

The best is to find an instrument that sounds best and pleasing to your ears. Beauty is in the eye or ears of the beholder.

Cheers =)

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I think it's a pretty sure bet that those two attributions are from someone promoting the respective instruments for some purpose. I don't believe either one would be on any informed "best violin" list, neither from a standpoint of tone nor preservation. Instruments which might more legitimately make that claim are the ex Kreisler or ex Paganini del Gesus, the ex Soil Strad, or from a condition standpoint, the "Messiah" Strad, and a number of other exceptional instruments from both makers.

Anyone who's been in sales for any length of time has run into the "best" of any makers' instruments a number of times: almost every single player seriously believes that HIS Xxxxx is the best one, because he tried a number of them before chosing the one he bought. Musuems are no less clueless. :-)

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