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Around the Vivaldi or Bach a minor concerti level- that's Suzuki Book 4 or 5 (yeah, I know the Bach's in Book 7 but it's more around the 5 level)- is intermediate. The minimum, I think, would be up to third position and basic bow strokes- marcato, off the string, nothing all that elaborate. Fairly sure intonation, vibrato, a tolerable tone and an ability to follow the (usually awkward) bowings you are given would also be a plus. It's a very relative term, you should call and ask. If it's a mediocre group, they could mean this or less, if it's a good group they could mean more (maybe up to fifth position and a Mozart concerto).

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I agree with Micaela. You should be comfortable in 3rd position and not scared by 5th. Familiar with 1/2 position. Able to play in 3 flats/sharps at least. Should recognize most bowing techniques and be able to attempt them, but you need not have mastered them all. Are you the one trying out? You should definately audition. Even if you don't make it in an audition is always a valuable experience.

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It might be easier to define beginner and advanced, and if you do not fit into either of those, then you are probably intermediate smile.gif

Beginner: Learning to produce good tone, working on playing in tune in 1st and 3rd position, slow reading music (gets lost a lot)

Advanced: Able to tackle virtuosic pieces with reasonable practice time. Mozart 3-5/ Bruch or harder.

This is very general, of course...

Good luck,


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