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Fiddlers: Tunes that have rekindled your passion for playing?


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You know how you go along for a while, learning new tunes, and they're all fun but after a while, they're just sort of... ho-hum.

And then, from out of the blue, comes a tune that you just really get into, it gets you excited about playing, I mean really excited again, reaching yet another level for you from where you have been.

What tunes would you like to share that have done that for you?

I have learned a bunch of jigs and reels lately with my celtic session. They're all fun but at that same level of fun.

But right now I am working on a couple of tunes that I just got the music to from a CD that I love. The tunes are The Carle, He Came Over the Craft, and Sweet is the Lass that Dwells Among the Heather. They just really are too much fun to play. Something that's challenging and makes you have to work a bit.

I am sure it must be this way for classical players too.

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That's a tough question, Crystal! Every tune I run into is either a "love it" or "hate it" kind of thing. I'm usually not lukewarm about tunes. There are so many tunes that I love right now that it would be hard to list them.

Some tunes I particularly love currently:

Paddy Fahey's Jig

Rose of Avonmore Waltz

If Ever you were Mine

Marino Waltz


Behind the Bush in the Garden

Cliffs of Moher

Bus Stop Reel

The latest one I have been working on has a peculiar name, but I really like the tune a lot. Got it off some site someone mentioned here once and it is called (don't laugh)

"Pull the Knife out and Stick it in Again".

I've just returned from a trip, so have not had time to work on new tunes for a few weeks.

By the way, I also like "The Carl, He came o'er the Craft". (Whatever that means!!!!) I have not heard "Sweet is the lass that dwells among the Heather", but will look for it.

So many tunes, so little time.... smile.gif

Yankee Fiddler

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Oh, and there are several tunes from "Irish Dreams II" (which I purchased due to your recommendation). Off there I'd like to learn

Charish the Ladies (I know, I should know this already!)

Citi na gCummin

New Potatoes (which you recently kindly sent sheet music for)

The Gaelic Farmer

Rolling down the Hill

Oh, and there is a wonderful CD I recently purchased full of delicious tunes. The CD is called "Kevin Crawford - In Good Company". I got lucky and found it at a used CD store, and it is great.

Oh, and "Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch". I love this one!!!

I could go on and on all day... smile.gif

Yankee Fiddler

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It's been a while, and he was a good friend of mine, but I'd have to say the tune would be one called Hot Springs. It is an original tune made by Mr. Orville Burns. He passed away last January in Oklahoma. Orville is my all time favorite fiddler. It's a Texas-style tune, first part in F, the second part goes to Dm/A7. Bye now, glm.

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