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Are there any big violin trade shows?

Ken Nielsen

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There's Comdex for the computer industry and there are countless trade shows for everything from bathroom fixtures to mouse traps. Do they have one for violins? Where all of the big manufacturers come to show their wares and booths are set up with every new conceivable introduction to the market. I know that companies like Scott Cao and Coda would be there. Not just a musical instrument show but strictly strings?

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There is a yearly Cremona instrument travelling show arranged by Mr. Musafia. In Los Angeles a trio played one composition on some of the instruments and the remainder of the evening was devoted to a sampleling of the violins. The violinist played the openning of the Bruch concerto on each instrument. After this was completed we were invited to play any instruments. The price range was $6,500 to $13,000.

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