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Another fantasy what if post:Ten instruments


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The society for random and outlandish genorosity awards you any ten instruments, they can not be resold. What do you choose?

Gibson 1923 Loar F5 Mandolin

Martin 1938 D28 Herringbone Guitar

Turn of the century Ramierz Classical Guitar

given to Andres Segovia by Senor Ramierz

1959 Gibson Gold Top Les Paul

1918 Gibson K4 Mandocello

1924 Gibson K5 Mandocello retrofitted with electronics

1915 Gibson Type 0 Guitar (Not very functional, but they look so cool)

Del Gesu Violin

Stradavari Cello

What ever the best double bass is (;-)

Dam-n didn't get a banjo or a zook

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Great post. I have a fascination and love of antique instruments smile.gif

Here are my ten non in any order. There are all instruments I have seen...Mostly on the Kolstein site.

1-Bass-Bussetto 1670

2-Bass-Guadagnini 1760

3-Bass-Goffriller 1708

4-Cello-Paolo Antonio Testore Cello 1748

5-Viola-William Thompson 18th century

6-Violin-Amati 1647

7-Violin-Andrea Amati 1564 *THATS OLD!*

8-Violin-Rogeri *the one on this page*...its my girlfriends favorite smile.gif


10-Guaneri "King Joseph" 1737

Well..thats it for me smile.gif

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The only thing that I wish I really had was that Tourte bow ($90,000) that I played at New Year's.

That bow was vastly superior than either my Sartory or Morizot, and it would've helped me far more than the Fritz Kreisler's Strad I was playing on (a good solid violin).

I also wouldn't have minded having that "Gabrielli" violin (IV ~12) at the Tarisio auction last March. That was a fantastic baroque violin, equal or superior to my "Hartrain".

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1716 Le Massie Stradivari: I will play it and tell you what it is like. smile.gif

1737 King Joseph Guarneri: I have the monograph. All I need is the violin to complete the collection. smile.gif

1972 Ignacio Fleta y hijos guitar: my all time favourite smile.gif

1941 Hermann Hauser I guitar

bows: Tourte, Peccatte, Vorin, Sartory

Steinway concert grand piano Model D

Cello or viola by Stradivari or Guarneri

...now I am depressed... smile.gif

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