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What is in your CD player


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Originally posted by Kieren:

The original recording of the Shostakovich #1

David Oistrakh/New York Philharmonic/Dimitri Mitropoulos 1956

OOOhhhh I wish I had that! I bet its stunning.

Time has passed, and in my CD player now is Perlman and Canino playing Beethoven op 30 no 2 bringing back memories of the concert I went to recently. After the Kreutzer this has to be the best LVB sonata!


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Barbra Streisand, Just for the Record

The Village People, Live and Sleazy

Paul Cortese and the New Philharmonia, The Schwanendreher by Hindemith

I like to listen to other styles of music than I actually play, which is mostly classical. Also the Village People are a great escape. Some of their songs are quite naughty.

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Currently, Myron Polyakin playing the Beethoven Kreutzer sonata (house) and an recital disc of Vasa Prihoda (car).

Shura Cherkassky and Ivry Gitlis' encore discs frequently reside in the CD player, as APR's two disc survey of Jacques Thibaud and disc or two of Kreisler's.


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Originally posted by weefiddler:

A random mix from my 5 CD player:

Diana Krall: All For You

John McDermott: A Day to Myself

The Ennis Sisters: Ennis Sisters 3

Natalie MacMaster: In My Hands

Leahy: Leahy

I just love Diana Krall. No one around these parts knows who she is though! Her voice is so sexy and sultry.....even to me, a woman!


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Last night, Grieg's Lyric Pieces (first couple volumes) by Gerhard Oppitz in my room. This afternoon upstairs, Menuhin/Silvestri/Vienna recording of Beethoven Violin Concerto with my first meal of the day, lunch. When I got up and before lunch, some Rex Navarete my brother downloaded.


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laugh.gif tartini - sonata in G minor, devil's trill (i love it! there are so many things i want to work up to, but until my right hand catches up with my left, I'm stuck with the bach & mozart concertos...) crazy.gif

Also on my play list: radiohead - idiotheque; moogwai - viola (I'm a bit of an electronica & trance junkie); some counting crows; save ferris - come on eileen; turtles - so happy together; u2 - one... and a whole bunch of other stuff. cool.gif

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Originally posted by Jeswinky*:

I just got out of driver's ed. . .

You too, Jeswinky*? I'm taking driver's ed this week, too. (My classes end on June 27th.) Actually, that is where I am heading this morning. . .everyday from 9:00 until 11:00 sitting in a classroom during the SUMMER. . . crazy.gif Ah well. . .it's not too bad.

Anyways, in my cd player as of right now I have: Natalie MacMaster's "My Roots Are Showing", a compilation of different Celtic fiddling tunes (from musicians such as the Chieftains), and Natalie MacMaster's "In My Hands".------Guess what. . .I like Natalie's playing---can you tell? laugh.gif I am even going to a concert to hear her play on June 24th! I'm ecstatic! smile.gif


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In my portable MD I have Brahms' viola sonatas played by Bruno Pasquier. In my CD player I have a Heifetz CD I just bought... It has Bach's concerto for 2 violins, Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante with William Primrose (this is why I bought it... never heard William the Great play before) and Brahms double concerto.


(=female violist, finnish)

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