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Originally posted by toc:


Thanks for posting my Fisher's Hornpipe, even though it probably seems kinda incongruous with the rest of the selections...a non-music-reading fiddler competing with all you trained folks who actually know what you are doing.

Hey toc, please tell me you're kidding! If that audience reaction doesn't convince you that you know very well what you're doing, I don't know what would...

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Blush....thanks. It's just that listening to the other clips can be intimidating....but I guess that's sort of apples and oranges.

It's interesting that some people who are/were mainly violinists come to the sessions I attend.

We fiddlers admire their intonation, technique, ability to play in other fingering positions and ability to sight-read.

The violinists admire our infectious spirit, ability to hop, skip, jump and change positions with the fiddle while playing...and our terrible playing posture, something a long-ago teacher probably cured them of with a bow upside the head.


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I haven't been playing violin that long, however, I enjoy performing. Ever since I was about six years old, I performed on the piano (although it didn't always sound that good). Anyway, I mustered up all my courage (if mustered is even a word) and decided to record myself playing (most of my songs though are for orchestras and I'm not sure playing a first violin part-or any-is a good idea without the other violins). As I was saying, I recorded myself. But, when I went to listen to myself, I didn't sound too good (alright, I sounded horrible). Although there were no other really loud noises (other than the computer), the violin didn't sound clear. It sounded scratchy and higher than normal. If I really sound that bad, I sure feel sorry for my parents and my orchestra who have to hear me play every single day.... wink.gif

Anyhow, I'm hoping its just the microphone or the program. I really thought I sounded better than that.

Since everyone else sounds much, much, much (I could go on and on) better than me, what program and/or microphone do you use to record yourself? Do you also record in a certain room (I recorded in my finished basement)?


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My clip came off a concert broadcast live on the radio.

Two of the other people I play with are technical wizards and figured out how to send the sound file.

While I'm on the subject, volunteering to do a radio concert for a local folk show is a great way for fiddlers to promote themselves. We cut a live CD from the concert and use it as a demo and sell it to our adoring fans. (ha,ha...mainly relatives)

Much cheaper than booking studio time to record a demo, and then probably winding up with basically "live" cuts anyway.


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