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What makes a good fiddle player


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What makes a good fiddler?

Well, let's see. . .what reason do I start with? smile.gif"><P>IIn order to be a good fiddler, too, I think that your heart HAS to be in it----just like any instrument. You have to have your heart in it, otherwise you are just playing what someone else wrote on paper--instead of your own unique style.

I don't think that, for a fiddler, techinique is a big factor. Nor bowing, nor fingering. That's one of the things that makes fiddlers special. Each person is different, and there is no "right" way to play. Fiddlers have their own style, as newfie said.

I have found that if someone trys to use the classical technique on fiddling tunes-----it turns the whole tune into just a plain piece of written composition---instead of how it was intended to sound.

Each fiddler is different--having different things that make them each 'good'.


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I say what makes a good fiddler is someone who has found their own sound, and who can move people with it. I think in terms of incorporating classical training into fiddle tunes, it's not so much the technique that detracts from the playing as taking a classically-trained mental approach to the music. Irish fiddlers in the past tried to emulate classical violin anyhow. It's more a matter of playing with your heart, in your own voice.

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I like fiddle players who play with the right inflections and nuances that make their playing sound authentic. It's like learning to speak a foreign language with the right accent. You can say the words, but without the right accent you will always sound like a "foreigner." Learning by copying from recordings, instead of just books, really helps.

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Practice, hard work and natural talent.

Each piece ought to be so well done that they remain both in the players memory and the listener as entirely different tunes and not one continuous umpahhh of sweet variations.

This nearly impossible to find, one player who seems always to utterly amaze when first encountered - btw not classicaly trained - is

Michael Coleman the Irish Traditional Fiddler. He lived before ww2 and was recorded at that time.

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