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Any other composers on this board?

If so, any of you have midi files that you'd like to share? I have several compositions of mine that I'd like to share with any interested. I don't have a webpage so the only way I can let you hear them is through an instant messanger or through Email. smile.gif

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Originally posted by Locatelli:

I wish I could share some midi-files with you, but I have to learn how to do it first.

I know I must have Encore, but how can I get it? I can`t find it to download.

I use Music time and Finale. Both programs allow you to save your work as a midi file. I think most music notation software allows you to do so.

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Hi iupviolin!

Well, lucky for you, you can compose. I WANT to compose (I have a tune in my head) but once I face the paper.... tadadada .... the tune dissappears and I can't write anything frown.gif

I remember a site where Composers post their midi files... it's supposed to be for kids only but I've seen a couple of grownups post their work there. You should check it out at: www.youngcomposers.com

I would LOVE to hear your work! Just e-mail it to me at regina@mydestiny.net as soon as you can smile.gif

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I compose, but I never write my compositions down on paper.. I just have them in my head until I record them.

At the moment I have an interesting project, but it will take some time...

I try to play a piece just with violins.. accustic violins, electric violins, distorted violins, violins with all kind of effects..

Violins that are played in every possible way. What I try to do is to make it sound as if there were many differend kinds of instruments...

I will tell you when I´ve finished the recordings.

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I have this site:


For the time being, it's all mp3 versions of midi (so it sounds just like midi, but the files are 100 times as large!). Once I figure out how to properly mic the piano in our living room, I'll have some actual recordings of actual instruments to post.

Feel free to email me something of yours; I'd be happy to hear it!

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