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Hewwo everybody,

I hope this'd be a fun thread (just hope there's no bashing... you character bashers should be ashamed of yourselves. Use constructive criticism BECAUSE I don't want anyone to get hurt. )

BUT ANYWAY, here on this thread you get to post your own biography!! (Yay!) And then, if you wish, you can even brag about your playing (Yay!) And then, you can even insert your pictures (Yay!) or sound files of your playing (Yay!). Your achievements in music should be included (Yay!)

So for all the people who really love the way they play, this is the thread where you can release your pride...


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My compositions include Variations on a Theme of Paganini for 2 Kazoos, Triangle, Contrabassoon Reed, Strings, and Piano. My competition victories include not wetting myself when I read the requirements of the 1998 International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. Take that.

I am related to the founder of the nation of Pakistan.

The people living next door make funny noises at night, and sometimes in the morning. (You didn't need to know that. Neither did I.)

I am one of 2 American-born half-African-born-Muslim-Indian, half-Catholic-Filipino's ("Filipindians") in the world.


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I owe my existence to radiation mutation in rattlesnakes resulting from the atomic bomb tests at Alamogordo NM.

I am the only sunglasses-wearing, automobile-driving, Internet-surfing, Maestronet-reading, viola-playing, poetry-writing, web-page writing rattlesnake in the ENTIRE WORLD!

Your Friend,

Snakey Rattler

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I'm an 18 year old East-European-American violinist. I'm also a Vaishnavite hindu and avid opera fan. I play mostly, but I have been known to compose just for fun. I wrote a sonata for violin, bass drum and rake.


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I'm a high school student who plays clarinet and violin and I sort of play piano and sing. I'm trying to teach myself oboe but currently I sound like a strangled duck. I can scare off any intruders instantly with my "mad oboe skills" so if you ever need help getting rid of someone, give me a ring!

I'm currently preparing for my All State clarinet audition, where I'm playing the Finzi Clairnet Concerto (New York- really hard to get into) and my Youth Orchestra audition, where I'm playing the Weber Concertino (hope hope). I'm playing the Bach a minor concerto on violin.

You can hear some Beethoven from me at this address: http://micaelabaranello.homestead.com/files/pastoral.mp3

It's from the Symphony No. 6. Sorry about the ads.

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Well, I'm a 24 year old male originally from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I started playing the violin when I was 17. I studied violin with the world's greatest teacher (who was recently offerd a position at the Eastman School of Music) at a University just outside of Pittsburgh. My last year as an undergraduate was spent at the Akademy of Music in Zagreb where I studied with Goran Koncar and members of I Solisti di Zagreb.

I'm heading to the University of Oklahoma in August to persue my Master's degree in Violin Performance. After that I plan on continuing on and getting my Doctorate, hopefully at a conservatory. Wish me luck! smile.gif


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I'm an 18 year old college freshman at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh Pa. Right now, I'm really studying hard for finals. I've been playing the violin for 15 years, and I absolutely love it. My dream is to become a symphony orchestra conductor, but as of now, I have no major. I have no clue as what to study. Oh well, I'm enjoying floating in the wind. I'm working on Paganinni's Moto Perpetuo right now, and for all those wondering, I still don't care for Paganinni very much. I admire the pure emotion of Mariss Jansons, the PSO conductor; he is by far the best conductor I've ever seen or heard. On an unmusical note, I'm looking forward to going home for the summer on Saturday!


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Who am I? Where am I? Who are you? Mom? MOM!!???

Just kidding. I live in Indiana, originally from Northern Virginia. I have degrees in cello performance from West Virginia University, and University of Notre Dame, respectively, and have played cello for about 20 years. Currently, I play as principal cellist for a Symphony orchestra in Michigan. I have two cats that keep me sane in my world, which consists of working part time, freelancing (which now includes violin and viola), and being paid by parents to terrorize their children with scales and etudes. Right now, the orange cat is getting his claws into the couch, which he knows he is NOT supposed to do, so I have to go and scold him. laugh.gif

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Born in Singapore, emigrated to the USA as a toddler, grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, majored in computer science engineering and minored in music history at the University of Pennsylvania, lived and worked in the Maryland-side suburbs of Washington DC for a few years, and moved out to Silicon Valley about two years ago.

Began studying the violin at the age of five (or six -- my mother thinks it was six, but I remember five), in a terrific Suzuki program. Eventually switched to conventional study. Blessed with very good teachers throughout, trained in different traditions. Very active in youth orchestras, generally as a principal player, and an active freelancer in the latter half of high school. Played pit for a lot of shows. Quit studying the violin at the age of seventeen, taking a break of nearly a decade, and began playing again a bit over a year ago.

Now just an enthused amateur, whose primary interest is in the orchestral repertoire, but who greatly enjoys the chamber music experience, as well as learning the solo repertoire. Also an avid collector of CDs.

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OK, I'll throw in my own incredibly short bio (lived on this Earth for only 13 years). I just hope I can keep it short (I LOVE TO TALK) laugh.gif

Me a little girl born in the greener part of Manila (and I'm still living here with my parents, brother and a puny yellow dog named BRUCH. Yes, he was named after Max Bruch). My grandfather Antonino Buenaventura was a National Artist for Music and my grandma was a violinist and now teaches (she still teaches even though she's 82 years old!). My parents aren't musicians but my mom is ADDICTED TO CLASSICAL MUSIC!! That is why it is very hard to practice here with her around!! Argh, she demands that pieces be VERY CLOSE TO PERFECTION!

Anyway, when I was young I used to hear the birds and made songs out of their "chirps". My grandfather insisted that I study piano. So at three years old, I studied piano at a Suzuki piano school and (ahh, forgive my proud soul!) received comments such as "You can really make the piano sing!" and "You're very musical!".... a few months later with the Suzuki method, I tried to review my old pieces but TO MY HORROR, I couldn't read a note!! I could just sing the tune! OH, that hurt me real bad, so I decided to quit piano.

At 7 years old, for some reason, I decided to study the violin because it *looked fun* (well, it's still FUN NOW, but I have to work hard!). My grandma taught me how to read music and that made me so happy laugh.gif After a year, I completed four Suzuki books and one page of the Sevcik. Then I got invited to study in a new violin school.

When I was an 8-year-old Doggielove, I studied with my new teacher. We always thought my new teacher was good because he had a rich tone... and apart from that he *claimed* he finished studying with Dorothy DeLay at Julliard (for now let's call him "Bob"). At 9 years old I played the Praeludium and Allegro by Kreisler with the orchestra.

At 10 years old I received a scholarship from the University of Santo Tomas. I was taught by an extremely meticulous teacher who CAN CATCH EVERY OUT OF TUNE NOTE YOU PLAY ( he has perfect pitch and it hurts his ears when you play even slightly out of tune )... his name is Sergio Esmilla. I learned from Prof. Esmilla that my previous teacher "Bob" was FAKE! "Bob" didn't finish college with Dorothy DeLay - he was DROPPED by Dorothy DeLay! He never finished College... I was taught all the wrong habits and Prof. Esmilla and I had to correct them. From Kreisler's Praeludium and Allegro, I had to go back to slow Sevcik and Kreutzer. A year after studying with Prof. Esmilla, I entered the NAMCYA (National Music Contest for Young Artists) and WON FIRST PLACE!! I just played the 2nd and 3rd movement from Bach's E Major concerto, a Filipino piece and Kreutzer no. 2 - as opposed to one of my opponents who played Lalo's Symphonie Espagnole and Paganini Caprice no. 5!

After that, I was getting invitations from different public schools asking me to perform for them. I performed nearly every month (my crazed school principal really hated me for this for some reason).

Unfortunately, Prof. Esmilla's wife got very sick from Diabetes so I transferred to my present teacher, Basilio Manalo. I'm currently working on the dreaded Symphonie Espagnole by Lalo.

I like to draw, write, read, READ, READ, play computer games (namely The Sims and Half-Life: Counterstrike) and dream of new inventions laugh.gif I hope to be a famous soloist when I grow up... hopefully someone like Zukerman and Perlman (it seems very impossible to be like Mr. Perlman but at least I have a dream...) I ALSO have this weird addiction to the "South Pacific" movie soundtrack ("Younger than Springtime are You, Softer than Starlight are You...." lalalalala) laugh.gif

You SEE! I told you I love to talk! This turned out to be a LOOOONNNG BIO!


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What better subject for a first-time poster!

I'm a 32-year-old married network administrator with foolish dreams of someday being able to play something tangible on the violin!

I started playing violin when I was 9 and continued for 4-1/2 years, at which time I gave it up because it wasn't "macho." At the urging of the orchestra teacher in high school, I sat first chair in my freshman and sophomore years, but then gave it up again like an idiot. I know I was an idiot, because my sister told me so (she, along with my teacher, had delusions of grandeur about me having talent or something...).

The highlight of my youth was being accepted into the summer youth orchestra program at Hartt School of Music in CT between 6th and 7th grade. Me and the first chair kid (I was relegated to second chair this time) wreaked havoc on the place and almost got kicked out the night of our dress rehearsal, but overall it was a total blast!

Now, after nearly twenty years of regret, my wife bought me a student package for my birthday and I'm taking lessons again. I sound so horrible (re: my user name), I can't believe I was EVER that talented as a kid! Now I have delusions of grandeur that I might be able to play well again.


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I'm Cyn, a 38 year-old lover of classical of all types. I played the cello through school, winning first chair in Allstate, and going on to receive a cello scholarship to college. I got married shortly after school began, we moved away and that pretty much ended my cello days, mostly due to lack of instrument, not lack of interest.

Primarily due to the fact that I had no cello, but I did own a piano, I turned my attention to it, and have played the piano for 25 years,for pleasure, for church and to accompany various and sundry vocalists and intrumentalists. Last summer I returned to intensive piano lessons in order to 'pay the price' where scales and theory and gritting out the hard stuff was concerned. I've made fabulous progress, thanks in part to my drill-sargeant teacher (whom I love dearly), and about 3 hours of practice a day. I recently fulfilled one of my dreams; I can now play 2 Chopin waltzes from memory! I never thought I'd be able to do that smile.gif

I sing in the Utah Symphony Chorus, as well as serve as the historian for that organization, writing my own version of how each concert goes. The unofficial title of this collection of writing is: "The Other Side of the Baton." It's a lot of fun.

As much as I love classical music, and find myself in many avenues of it, I make my living elsewhere. I am a surgical nurse and work in an operating room in a children's hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love it.

I'm the mother of 3 boys (7, 12, 15) and am currently raising them by myself. I'm busy, but happy, and am ever grateful for the peace and joy that classical music (in all it's forms), brings to my life.



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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Fixed races, groomed, shod and artificially inseminated camels in an historic attempt to produce the elusive "Super Camel". Took side bets, raced in weekly 6 mile desert grand prix. Sold turbans to tourists.


Hanford Waste Facility, Hanford, Washington

Reprocessed uranium fuel rods into U-235 fuel pellets and weapons-grade plutonium. Wrote memos and answered telephone.


Neutrino and The Quantum Leaps, Columbus, Ohio

Composed sexually explicit songs with which to entice the groupies backstage. Wrote the hit tunes "Let me bombard your Nucleus", "Doppler was a Sissy" and "Let's Resonate" (Don Gato Records and Tapes).


Himalayan Mountain Range, Nepal

Guided parties of mountaineers up the Himalaya. Wore scanty clothing in extraordinarily chilly climbs. Played harmonica for wayward mountain goats.


Balbo Park Granola Emporium, San Diego, California

Served health food to the beautiful people of the city. Created herbal constipation remedy on my own time.


Exxon Oil Company, Santiago, Chile

Performed deep†sea scuba welding duties at average depths of 600 feet. Responsible for maintenance of crew scuba equipment and general safety concerns. Discovered and named new species of barnacle.


Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland

Diagnosed neurological disorders, hustled nurses out on the ward. Created new surgical technique: The Moyer Maneuver. Wrote several articles for the American Journal of Neurosurgery.


Lupustrata, Miraga, South America

Crushed the will and spirit of the masses. Banished dissidents to life terms in prison. Manipulated elections and provided for international terrorist training camps.


Rici's, Beverly Hills

Cut and styled hair for the West Coast Elite.


STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Palo Alto, California

Doctorate of Arts and Medicine, June, 1978

German language and literature

Neurophysiology and arc welding

Minor: Nuclear Physics


*Billy finds a Bunny Rabbit, Children's Press Books, 1976.

*Billy finds a Pipe Bomb, Children's Press Books, 1976

*Billy Learns to use his new Prosthesis, Children's Press Books, 1977

*"The Effects of Proton Bombardment on the Reproductive Capabilities of Bacillus Thuringiensis", Journal of Microbiology, vol. 34, pg. 136148, June, 1972.

*Cataclysm and Society in these Modern Times, Doubleday, 1984.

*Spike's 1,001 Ways to Prepare Tofu, High Times Publications, 1967.

*"Electrical Stimulative Therapy in Treatment of Lower Amygdala Disorder", Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol 30, pg. 1219, May, 1968.

*Critical Commentary on the Kama Sutra, King Books, 1989.


Outstanding American, 1982.

Nobel Prize for Physics, 1976.

Grand Champion† Dairy Cow Division† Idaho State Fair.


Brent Scowcraft, Security Adviser to the President of the United States.

Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India.

Paul Prudhomme, Head Chef, K†Paul's.

Matsunami Mobusa, Chief Janitor, Sony Corporation.

Don Gato, Fabled Cat Immortalized in Story and Song.

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Is that Don Gato as in "Senor Don Gato WAS A CAT. On a high, red roof, DON GATO SAT. He was there to read a letter, meow meow meow, where the reading light was better" etc.? That's one of the few songs I remember from elementary school music class in the early 70's...truly a classic.

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I'm Chelsea, and I'm 17. I play the viola...I live in CAlifornia, I just moved here from PIttsburgh last June. I used to come here a lot, and then I didn't, and now I came back smile.gif

Kreisler13, I read that you're at Carnegie Mellon! Do you like it? I really would love to go there, but the only opinions I have on it are from my parents - they both went there, but I don't think they're too thrilled about me applying smile.gif What are your opinions on it (if you don't mind my asking smile.gif )?

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I am an aspiring kung fu teacher (sifu).

I have been practicing kung fu all my life, formal karate since 18, kung fu since 21, Northern Shaolin (Kuo Yu Cheong lineage) since 24, currently 27.

Over the years, I've had several instructors - none of whom taught me in the way I REALLY wanted to be taught. If nothing else, I will become the teacher for myself that I've always needed.

The one thing I do not do is practice Iron Palm. This is not because I don't want to mess up my hand, it's because I feel it's unnecessary in the context of real-life dirty streetfighting.

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I'm a new member and a new violinist. Last year at age 40+ I first picked up a violin and spent the next 10 months trying to find a good classical instructor. I now have an excellent coach and am learning the basics again (due to improper instruction from former teachers - oh well...) It's a lot of work, but it's worth it - I LOVE THE VIOLIN! laugh.gif I only wish I started at age 4 or 5.

I play the piano and I sing alto in a small acapella ensemble that focuses on Bach's chorales. Music is in my hwole family; my husband plays violin with me, and our kids (they're all grown) all sing and play instruments. Our home is a noisy but happy place (no time for TV either)!

Thanks for starting this thread. It's great to meet you all! smile.gif

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Irish born and reared. Came to the US in 92 to live here. Am now a US citizen. Work at a local University. Play violin and now viola which I love.Studied at Royal Academy of Music in Ireland for four years. 39 years old and now continuing with advanced violin here at the University. Starting to freelance. Preparing to audition for a local semi professional orchestra either in violin or viola. Am also studying Jazz and other fiddling styles ( gypsy, Klezmer, Bluegrass Old Time etc)


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