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Originally posted by kreisler13:


Were you there tonight?? Please tell me you were. What did you think??



Sorry, paul. I had a stupid rehearsal with the Johnstown Symphony. I wish I was there! I'm sure the Elgar was Spectacular! You'll have to tell me about it! I can't go tomorrow either because of this Stupid JSO concert. I'm ticked about it cause I wanted to go!


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Frank Peter Zimmerman's performance of the Elgar concerto was the single most perfect violinistic display I've seen in my entire life. Not only was it perfectly in tune, but the sensitivity with which he handled the work was breathtaking. I litereally sat at the edge of my third row seat(good thing for student rush!) with my mouth wide open then entire time. He communicated so clearly to the audience. His sound was so clean as well. His sound was lush when he wanted it to be, and more articulate when he wanted that as well. I definitely think we should include Mr. Zimmerman in our 'favorite violinist' posts. I've seen Perlman, Hahn, Spiviakov, and many other violists, but no one comes even close to Frank Peter Zimmerman. Iupviolinist, you missed the best soloist that the PSO has had this summer. I'm going again tomorrow, just for the Elgar!



P.S. In all fairness, he did make a cut in the last movement. Well, I'm not sure if he didn't take a repeat or if he made a cut. It sounded like a cut though.

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