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Recordings of Brahms' Violin Sonatas


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Thanks, Toscha and whp4: that`s exactly the recording. I`m anxious to listen to it.

By the way, talking about C. Franck`s abscence( until now) from the Szeryng discography, does anybody know about some recording of the Bruch#1 with Szeryng? I don`t know if there is such thing, but if it does, I`m eager to listen. I searched and never found it.



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Originally posted by stewarts:

A question for Toscha: What do you think of your namesake (i.e. Siedel)'s recording of the first two (I haven't heard his third and doubt if he recorded it)? Surprisingly I was not quite blown away with it.

Seidel did not record the third sonata, as far as I know (he did record the GRIEG third, though). I am not particularly fond of Seidel's Brahms sonatas. Those recordings are violinistically beautiful, but Seidel takes simply too much rhythmic liberties (or shall I say "anarchy"?) for me to stomach. His Grieg No.3 is pretty impressive, though Kreisler/Rachmaninoff version is still musically more conherent and superior.


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Jon, I just checked every category and searched. I couldn't find it either. frown.gif

These prices will make you cry compared to what I found at broinc.com, but the contents of the collection will make you feel rich.

Heifetz also never recorded Prokofiev 1 (to my knowledge). In a The Way They Play chapter, I think he mentions having learned it.

My brother and I are going to Italy. I collected audition requirements and faculty lists since before some summer camp webpages were updated for the next year, and in spite of all my preparation I find out about a program in Europe that requires no audition, just a deposit to reserve your space. Go figure! I would have liked to go to Encore after hearing Andy's stories. Aspen, Musicorda, Music Academy of the West, Killington, and Round Top were on the list, too.


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My favourite recording of the Brahms sonatas is by Joseph Suk, with Julius Katchen. His tone is warm and generous, but never to the point of obscuring the line. You get a real sense of structure and beauty from his performances. Not superstar material, but perfect for Brahms chamber works (I think..)

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Prok3, I can recommend the Vengerov/Barenboim recording of the Brahms 3rd sonata. I love it - not least because it is coupled with his breathtaking live recording of the Brahms concerto. His playing on this disk is very passionate and there is often a feeling of restrained energy in his tone which I find quite tasteful. Barenboim is great on the piano as well. A great disc that I think is well worth the money.

I actually have Vengerov playing the 3rd Brahms sonata several times on video with various pianists and I always love his interpretation of this piece.

The other recording I have and love is the Perlman/Ashkenasy recording. It is great too.

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