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Violin stores in San Francisco


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I am arriving San Francisco on Thursday and I just noticed I need some rosin etc. violin stuff.

Can anyone recommend me some violin store around the city of S.F.?

I tried to find the information from archive but at least with a quick look I didn't find.

A huge thankyou in advance!

Kath - a bit in trouble now frown.gif

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3 places I can immediately think of:

Roland Feller Violin

551 Divisadero St.

SF, CA 94117


Hours: T-Fri 1-5:30p.m., Sat 12-5p.m.



I don't have address for this one. Sorry!

Ifshin Violins

1633 University Ave.

Berkeley, CA 94703


This one is not in San Francisco, but still relatively close to the City.

Hope this helps!


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Not an exclusively strings music store, but still a very good one for violin supplies and sheet music, interestingly enough, is Sunset Music, which is on Noriega and twenty some-odd avenue... it's like two blocks down from Sunset Super, tucked away in between the restaurants and the laundromats. laugh.gif

Sorry I don't have the exact address, they should be in the phone book. (I'm up at Davis right now, can't go look them up).

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