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How to tame a harsh, bright open E stg??


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Originally posted by Bernd:

Hi Jeff,

Finally you could additionally try a

silver (they are tinn or zink plated)

E instead of gold plated ones.


The Gold Label Pirastro is not gold-plated. From what I've heard, I'd try a Hill E. If you need something darker, the Jarger is very dark, and the Larsen is dark (but less so than the Jarger) -- on some violins, the difference is HUGE.

No suggestions on the A though. (in my VERY limited experience, A's have a lot more to do with soundpost placement than strings.)

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I've tried the Infeld Red E, and it is goldplated, and it gives me this problem, but the Pirastro Oliv E, also gold, does not give me this problem. I like the Pirastro a lot better. It doesn't ring (on my violin), and its sound is more subdued, yet sweeter than the Infeld Red. I have only used both in medium gauge.

Oh, and perhaps the reason for this is that I cannot get the little cushion thingie off the Pirastro string, while I always can, and do, on the Infeld.

Well, that's about all I can contribute to the subject.

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I am a fiddle player (trained as classical violinist) playing mostly bluegrass these days. In this style of course, you use alot of open strings (unlike classical players). My problem is my E string sounds to bright and loud compared to everything else. This was particularly obvious because my band is cutting a CD, and listening to myself on the recording, I really felt the open E, and to a lesser extent the open A, needed taming. I am using Pirastro Gold Label E and D'addario Helicore mediums for the rest. Any thoughts on taming the harsh open E. I don't really understand why different brands of wire E's would sound much different, unless they are significantly different gauge. That said, I have also found that the unwound Dominant E didn't work well on my violin, as others have commented in the Dominant string thread. Likewise, I've never been able to get wound E strings to work on any of the violins I've owned They tended not to speak quickly, and sometimes just made a whistling sound instead of speaking. I've done some expermenting with setup, and have been successful in optomizing the richness of the lower strings, but have not solved the bright E problem. Do the little cushions you can place between the string and bridge help in this respect? Thanks, Jeff

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I second the recommendation to try a Jarger E. It's what I'm currently using.

(When I bought my instrument, the E wasn't unusually bright -- but as it played back in, it gradually got more and more brilliant, sending me on a hunt to find an E string that wouldn't whistle and wouldn't have as much punch. The Jarger turned out to ring nicely while not dominating the whole sound of the instrument... and it didn't whistle, either.)

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Try a wound Eudoxa E. It's a great sounding string, but without the brilliant harmonics that many people like about other Pirastro E's (especially the gold ones). I doesn't whistle on open E, and it lasts for ages.

If that doesn't work, try moving your bridge sideways by the smallest amount you can manage (probably 0.5 mm or so) and see if that makes a difference - that often changes the balance between the strings in a subtle way.


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