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What things get in the way of your playing?


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In general, I guess I'm my own biggest obstacle. I'm impatient, and it's sometimes hard to resign myself to being a "beginner" again on a new instrument. I have to keep stopping and reminding myself that there isn't something wrong with me when I'm having difficulty.. that progress is *supposed* to happen in small doses. I get frustrated very easily sometimes. I'm guilty of caring too much about who hears me making silly mistakes, or playing a note that sounds a little "off".

Besides all that, the time of the year is a problem--in spring, school demands tend to get in the way of music practice of any kind. Along with attending my classes, I have papers and seminars all falling due within the next little while..and I seem to get writer's block a lot during the writing of each assignment these days, so they take longer to do. Then in April, it's exam time! *sigh* Guess I'll have to play my heart out in May in between sending out resumes.

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well, this week it was my quarter project/report that kept me busy from after dinner till midnight everyday. Usually what limits my practice time is my homework from my Algebra II honors class, or some stupid project in my spanish class...or my exhaustedness from all of the above. But i do have orchestra class 2 hours everyday and 5 hours on thrusdays...so i at least get to keep my playing up. when things arent hectic i like to practice 2 or 3 hours a night, and if i'm bored on a saturday i might just practice it away...

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To Altgeige: How sad when financial worries get in the way of practice. That is really pitiful, but I can relate to that.

It sounds as though most here lead very active and demanding lives--we stretch ourselves to the max. Wonder why?

I am guiding my daughter through the sea of college application/financial application/audition processes;

Currently producing (or have just produced in the last weeks) seven musical shows;

Planning lessons for 28 weekly elementary music classes in a school that is up for full state evaluation (so plans must be particularly detailed with respect to state standards);

Driving a total of two hours to and from work;

Working on a masters degree in a distance learning program--great fun, but challenging;

Writing and producing a full-length variety show for our faculty;

Writing a new county music resource guide with a team of three other elementary school music teachers;

Slowly improving my computer skills, but I'm still in "kindergarten" computerwise;

Reading Maestronet fairly often and posting a little;

Practicing violin when procrastinating working on all of the above--except Maestronet, which is a procrastination in itself of sorts.

The important point is I pour myself heart and soul into whatever I'm working on--totally hyper-focused. And then I forget to pay bills, pay attention at faculty meetings, lose my keys, lose my checkbook, etc.

Exhausted and up on a Saturday well before six o'clock,


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Lately, pregnancy! I'm just too TIRED to practise! (and, I try to tell my hubby, too tired to do dishes, laundry, vacuum etc. - I don't think he's buying it!)

Sheer laziness.

The prospect of having to do double-stops. I hate 'em. laugh.gif

Need to practise what the dog is "studying" in his latest Obedience class (although that only takes 2 minutes at a time, usually several times during a walk, so that one doesn't count).

Really crucial stuff on TV. Like "Frasier".


I also second the bit about surfing the net! smile.gif


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Things that limit my playing time are: work, a 45-minute commute each way, 2 young kids with their own schedules/activities at 2 different schools, and the band & associated practice that I play guitar in. Oh, and laundry and cooking and house-cleaning. I have 30-40 minutes between the time my daughter gets off the bus and the time I have to leave to pick my son up from preschool. That's when I practice.

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My own mental state is my biggest obstacle. I want to practice everyday. I oftentimes come home from work and sit on the couch for the rest of the day. Spring and summer and the seasons when I practice more because I go to the park with my fiancee. Also, there is no comfortable place in the apartment for me to play.

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Energy! Time is a problem, too, but having time when I am also alert, focused, and have plenty of mental and physical energy is a real trick. Muscle aches from bad posture at my awful office desk don't help, either.

I think I get twice as much done in a morning practice session as I do in an evening one.

And of course I'm involved in a zillion things. (One of my friends told me solemnly yesterday, "Your problem is that you have TOO MUCH of a life.")


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HKV I have no excuses. Have plenty of time available. It is my instrument that gives me occasional problems. Slippery pegs or need to change strings.

Why aren't violin pegs controlled in the same manner as guitar pegs. Are any violins manufactured that way?

Even though I solve the slippery peg problem I would still prefer not to have to. Ben

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Originally posted by Ben Podgor:

Why aren't violin pegs controlled in the same manner as guitar pegs. Are any violins manufactured that way?

Ummmmmm..... I have some antique violin machine heads, but I don't know if you'd want em. You have to apply them with screws, four for each side.


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Hmmmm... let me count the ways....

1) My Company -- I am up from 4:30 am to about 5:00 pm in some related activity...

2) My house -- I do all the household chores

3) My 2.5 year old daughter also happens to be an aspiring violinist -- as long as it is Daddy's Violin

4) My tenants -- politely comment on how "nice" my playing is -- translation -- PLease knock it off.

5) My heavy metal guitar band playing neighbor who takes my violin playing as tacit approval to crank up the amp on his guitar

6) The twenty minute drive to my Grandmother's where I can practice in peace.

7) My grandmother who loves to talk about everything whilst consuming valuable playing time (and YES, I do think that time spent talking to my grandmother is valuable, just tough to strike a balance)

8) My G.D. tip heavy bow getting in the way of spiccato!

9) My slowing nervous system not firing synapses in the fingers fast enough

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