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Good scale and Arpeggio Book


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Flesch is very advanced; I don't think it's what ecology is looking for. Hrimaly or Schradieck (or Sitt, who also published a good book of beginning / intermediate scale studies, which I didn't know about till my daughter's teacher assigned it; it's pretty comparable to Hrimaly) would be more the ticket. Hrimaly and Sitt (not sure about Schradieck) are published fairly cheaply by Schirmer.

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This's not a scales or arppegio book but it's a good basis for working on the scales.

You can learn how to shift from I -> II, I ->III,

I->IV, I->V, III->V ....etc. and every types of shifting.

"Where is it ? for Violinists"

by W.P. Phelps (the strad edition 2 duncan terrace London, copyright 1926 in USA by the strad)

I'm not sure if it's out of print. I got this one from my teacher.

enjoy music!

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There are a ton of them out there--it all depends on what your level is and whay you are trying to accomplish with them. The standard beginning / intermediate ones, if I'm not mistaken, are the Hrimaly and Schradieck studies, while the intermediate / advanced ones are by Flesch and Galamian. There are others out there that might match up with your needs better.

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