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Originally posted by rainyann:


It is an MP3 file. Do you have a player capable of playing MP3 files? If not download winamp, itis free and a nice little MP3 player.

Yep, I do. I was able to get Crushen's MP3 with no problem. I just keep getting an error message with this one. I tried to download the free player you recommended just to see what it was like, and it didn't work for some reason. I'll try it again, and I'll keep trying Simon's MP3s. Thanks! If you have any more advice, please give it!

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Caleb, you don't want to hear me play the tin whistle. Just trust me on that. It can be a great solo instrument in the right hands. In mine it can be an instrument of torture.

Ole Bull, thanks, and I hope we get to have that tune. I see from your website that we share the same surname. Do you have any family in Northern Ireland that you know of?

Len, good to hear from you again.

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Okay...this is ridiculous! I keep getting an Error=800C0008 message every time I try to open this MP3!! MP3s do work on my computer...I have lots of songs on my hard drive. Can anybody advise me of what I need to do? I'm not a total computer dummy, but this @#$%^&* computer is driving me nuts lately!!!

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Got it and put in my keepme box smile.gif

The best version I heard in a long time. Simon it is not scratchy at all, least on my box, I put it through a Nikamichi Analogue and it sounds very printable!

Now which way does the Bow go to begin, better yet post one round of the 1st and 2nd part with your Bowings, I bet I am not the only one who wants to play it your way.

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ShadowHawk - Thanks for your kind compliments.

Crystal and Caleb, feel free to email me and I'll reply with the files attached.

Toasty, ABC is the name given to a text representation of musical notation. There's a tutorial on it here: http://www.lesession.demon.co.uk/abc/abc_notation.htm

ABC2Win is one of a number of programs you can use to translate ABC text into standard notation. More details on it and other software at: http://www.gre.ac.uk/~c.walshaw/abc/

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The above link will not work because 50MEGS, like many other servers, won't let you access a file directly without first viewing a web page with their paid advertising on it. You'll get the message "Access Forbidden." Here is a work-around:

click here: http://irishfiddle.50megs.com/images/

This will give you a directory. Then click on the file "Chiefs" and you should see the jpeg image of the tune.

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