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I've been meaning to post an mp3 of myself for ages, but I'm never happy with anything I record. I'm still not happy with anything I record but I'll post one anyway, having been inspired to first by newfie (where are you newfie?) and now Crushen. It's a hornpipe called "Chief O'Neill's Favourite".

Now, let's see how many edits it takes to get the link to work. wink.gif

download here

if that doesn't work try here

or else here

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I did hear it after taking off "/chief.mp3" from your link. Shorten your link.

I enjoyed it... Thanks!!!

Good fiddling! I also like the foot tapping. There is something about hearing good foot tapping while listening to fiddling!

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Ok, I used to really like Kevin Burke, but now I think my new favorite is Simon!! When is your CD coming out? I aspire to be a fiddler like that! I really liked your double-stops, slides, and foot-tapping. I am also like Rainyann- foot-tapping adds a lot to the tune. I have tried it myself, but its a little like rubbing the belly & tapping the head a the same time.

Simon, Is the style you're playing in referred to as sligo?

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Callie, thanks for your outrageously kind remarks. I'm not sure what style I would call it. It's hard to be objective about your own playing. I generally play a more Donegal style, and I can hear that in the recording (attack, crunchy triplets). But I have been listening to a lot of Sligo style players as well and I think there's definately a southern lilt in there. The setting of the tune is my own - a mixture of my own ideas with a setting I got off a guy from Co. Louth, and another from Paddy Glackin (Donegal style fiddler).

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Thanks to all for your compliments. I've added a third link to my original post for those still having trouble with the download.

fiddler of dooney - I've only recorded stuff on my own so far, but I'll try recording at my local session. I'd like to record something with a piano or guitar accompaniment, but I don't know any traditional players on those instruments.

Stringhappy, from your post on Crushen's thread I assume you've sorted yourself out with an mp3 player.

Gary and caleb, if anyone's jumping the fence to get their fiddle back, there's at least half a dozen tin whistles of mine over there. Bring me one back and save me having to buy a new one the next time I decide to humiliate myself by trying to play this so-called "easy" instrument.

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simon: i'll keep an eye out for them. smile.gif

how about favoring us with a tune on the tin whistle, too? do you need an accompanist for that? can't really picture it solo, but you'd know best. we'd love to hear it even if this is the 'fingerboard'. hey! you use your fingers on the tin whistle, no?

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Hup ya boy!

Nice fiddling, Simon, it takes me back to my days in the Auld Sod.

I can hear that this is the real thing, with the rock-solid rhythm yet stamped with individual style.

Actually I don't hear too much Donegal in it, they tend to be much faster from what I heard. I prefer the slower approach of certain parts of Galway and Clare.

Maybe I'll make it back there and we can have a tune together.

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