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I think my rosin is burning!


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What is happening when I am playing and I start smelling something burning?

Is this normal, or am I using too much rosin, or is something not right? I once heard someone talk about "glazing" the strings. What is that?

I am trying to get the most amount of time out of my new strings. My last ones were only good about 2 1/2 months.

If I clean them every couple of days, does this actually PROLONG the life of them? I know we should clean them possibly for sound or looks, but what about life?

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I sometimes smell that burning too and figured a speck of rosin was incinerated by heavy or hard bowing, especially if I'm on the g string or rosined up recently.

You say you clean your strings every couple of days? I wipe my down after I finish playing and even scrape with my fingernail just in case. I noticed the Helicores, when I had them on, were harder to clean off (I,m using Hill rosin, dark), but the Infelds clean quite nicely. I also wipe them down with a soft cloth along the fingerboard to catch any yucky stuff from my fingers that might adhere (like sweat or whatever). Maybe you should wipe the strings down after every time you play. (I'm not looking forward to changing these Infelds in another month already!).


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