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Hello all, I must first say how deeply grateful I am to have found you all...it seems as if I have found family. I have read, for many days now, a wide variety of posts on so many subjects. I must compliment you all on your maturity, and your respectfull manners toward each other!

I am a recording engineer at a small analog/digital studio in East Texas, and

I play guitar and keyboard, but now I am shopping around for a violin. laugh.gif

(Thank you all for the wisdom and experience so freely shared here, on the matter)

I have been smitten, I have found such aural romance in strings...cellos, violas, violins. Oh the depth of emotion!

I have a newfound love and passion for strings. Do any of you feel that way?, or am I weird?

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you have said it so right- a newfound love and passion - for strings! I grew up playing flute and piano, but there was no passion, just facility of playing.

Having chased a nagging dream of playing violin, I have a world so rich in sound, meaning and pleasure of playing, I can't imagine how I got along without it!

Oddly though, I tried to learn to guitar several times over the years and it never seemed to be easy at all - violin has been so much easier! I think guitar necks, at least the ones I had tried, were too wide, and I couldn't get used to the chords. The violin feels more like the flute to me. I do so love acoustic and Spanish guitar though.

Welcome aboard!


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